Joe Biden Approval rating: Struggling on Immigration and Economy

Joe Biden Approval rating: Struggling on Immigration and Economy
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Considering the top 3 pollsters which were closest to the 2020 result – Ipsos, IBD and Harris, Joe Biden approval rating comes to about 55%

% who approve of Joe Biden
2020 Forecast
Actual Biden + 4.5%
Biden +1%
Biden +7%
Biden +7%
Biden +4%
Biden +8%
Biden +4%

Joe Biden continues to be a popular president riding on the back of 51% of the votes in the 2020 election and excellent handling of the COVID pandemic. He continues to enjoy support from all the demographic groups that voted for him in 2020. However, with inflation picking up due increased gas prices and job creation being volatile, the economy continues to concern many Americans.

Immigration too remains a major problem area for President Biden. On student loans, the administration has made tardy progress. Lastly, the Republicans and conservative media have continued to point out to slips by President Biden questioning his mental faculties.

Overall, the President is at a comfortable place but could slip because of the above mentioned issues.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris approval ratings dip in new California poll

Majority Of Americans Believe That ‘Others,’ Not Biden, Are Calling The Shots In The White House: Poll

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Joe Biden National Approval rating

Politico- Morning Consult Poll

68% of Women who categorised themselves as Independent voters felt that the country was headed in the wrong direction. 61% of those without college and 65% of those older than 65 also felt the same

In terms of the issues, amongst those who felt the Economy was the top issue, 59% felt that the country was headed in the wrong direction. Amongst those who felt National Security was the top issue, 81% felt that the country was headed in the wrong direction. Biden performed well amongst those who felt healthcare, Education and Energy were top issues


Biden’s job approval rating among adults fell to 50%, it was 54% amongst registered voters. Registered independents narrowly disapprove of Biden’s job performance, 43%-41%. Over the past month, Biden’s net 12% approval on the economy was sliced nearly in half from 23%.

Hill Harris X Poll

A New Hill Harris poll finds that Joe Biden’s approval rating amongst Americans is 59%. 57% were happy with the performance of the President on the economy. 49% were happy with the performance of the President on immigration (down 4 over the week)

Reuters Ipsos Poll

A New Ipsos poll finds that Joe Biden’s approval rating amongst Americans is 53%. The economy (21%) is the most important problem facing the U.S. today.

  • The health care system at 11%
  • Crime or corruption at 9%, and
  • Immigration at 9%

Fox Poll

According to a Fox Poll, Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 56%. This is much higher than the YouGov poll and on par with Gallup and NORC Poll.

The President continues to struggle on the economy and Immigration. Public perception of US improves dramatically under Biden

YouGov-Yahoo News

The latest Joe Biden approval rating is out. This one by Yahoo News and YouGov.

51.1% of Americans approve of the job done by Joe Biden, 44.4% donot approve of the Job done by Joe Biden.

  • Joe Biden is underperforming the most amongst Seniors, 52% of Seniors donot approve of the job being done by Joe Biden
    • Only 35% of Independents approve of the President’s performance
  • Joe Biden is performing the best amongst minorities and the most educated population in the country
    • 63% of Hispanics as well as African Americans approve of the President
    • 57% of those who were College Grads approved of the President

National Gallup Poll

The Gallup poll which covers the period of June 1st to 18th found that 56% approve of the President’s performance. There is a huge difference between the Gallup and YouGov Poll.

  • 60% of seniors approved of the job done by Joe Biden. This was 45% in the YouGov Survey
  • Both the Polls were similar amongst College Educated and Minorities

AP NORC Survey

This survey was carried out by NORC for AP between June 10th and June 14th. 55% of respondents approved of the President’s performance.

Joe Biden was performing well on handling of the Coronavirus pandemic while he performed poorly on immigration and the economy.

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Other Polls

[19th July] Biden Gets 66 Percent Approval From Americans in His Handling of Pandemic

[8th July] Biden’s Popularity Slips a Little, But Remains Unusually Steady

[7th July] 47% of Americans believe country is heading in the right direction, poll shows

[7th July] President Biden’s Job Approval Slides, Honeymoon Appears Over: IBD/TIPP

[4th July] Biden gets low marks on immigration policies, poll shows

Joe Biden Approval rating: Swimming or Sinking?
The Biden Budget had record debt

Joe Biden State Level Approval rating:

State and Poll
% who approve of Joe Biden
Biden Vote Share, 2020
Arizona – Bendixen and Amandi
Texas – UT/TT
Iowa – Des Moines Register
Arkansas – Talk Business – Hendrix College Poll
North Carolina – John Locke Foundation Poll

Arizona Poll by Bendixen and Amandi

Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 49%. Independents were split right down the middle. 53% of the respondents felt that Joe Biden did not deserve to be re-elected in 2024

Texas Poll by UT/TT

Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 43%. Biden performed well on COVID but poorly on border control/ immigration. Just 27% of Texans approved Biden’s performance on this issue

Iowa Poll by Des Moines Register/Mediacom

43% of Iowans approve of how President Biden was handling his job. Just 29% approved of how he was performing on immigration.

Arkansas Poll by Talk Business – Hendrix College

Biden has healthy ratings in Arkansas where 41% approve of his performance. This is much better than his 2020 election performance. Biden is rating well amongst college graduates and minorities, mirroring a national trend.

North Carolina Poll John Locke Foundation

48% of voters approve of President Joe Biden’s performance. 53% approved of the Governor Roy Cooper’s performance

Colorado Democrats are heading into the 2022 election cycle in a position of strength, poll shows

Joe Biden Approval rating: Latest Joe Biden News

Republicans and Biden

[30th July] As bipartisanship reigns in U.S. Senate, Republicans rage in House

[29th July] Biden confuses Trump with Obama, calls it ‘Freudian slip’

[29th July] The Republican backlash in Joe Biden’s America

Democrats and Biden

[29th July] Senate Democrats defied Biden in their vote to boost Pentagon spending. And it wasn’t even close

Biden and the economy

[30th July] America’s economic recovery is already stalling, but Biden is trying to buy a second wind

[29th July] Infrastructure deal: Senate suddenly acts to take up bill

Biden, defense and Foreign Policy

Biden addresses intelligence community for first time as President

Biden and Student Loans

[30th July] Joe Biden Can’t Cancel Federal Student Debt, Nancy Pelosi Says

[28th July] Schumer, Democrats push Biden to extend federal student loan payment pause as deadline nears

[28th July] President Joe Biden promised to cancel some student loan debt once elected, months later here’s where he stands

Biden and Immigration

[30th July] Biden tells lawmakers he’ll push for pathway to citizenship for millions in sweeping economic package

[29th July] Opinion: Joe Biden is overseeing one of the largest cuts in legal immigration in history

[28th July] Biden administration to resume fast-track deportation procedure for migrant families

[28th July] As attempted border crossings surge, new Biden plan speeds up asylum approval and deportation

Biden and Domestic Politics

[20th July] Biden’s inflation speech reflects concerns that rising prices will hurt Democrats in 2022

[12th July] U.S. Senate braces for ‘hell of a fight’ over Biden’s infrastructure plan

[12th July] VERIFY: Yes, President Biden has confirmed more judges by this point than any president in the last 50 years

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Joe Biden and that Harris joke of America


[…] Read: Joe Biden Approval rating: Struggling on Immigration and Economy […]


[…] Read: Joe Biden Approval rating: Struggling on Immigration and Economy […]

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