Latest NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Curtis Sliwa slightly ahead on Google Search

Latest NYC Mayoral Polls 2021:  Curtis Sliwa slightly ahead on Google Search
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While no NYC Mayoral Polls 2021 have been released yet, Prediction market data suggests Eric Adams is likely to be the next mayor of New York.

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The city of New York is set to elect a new mayor on 2nd of November 2021. Former Police Captain Eric Adams is the candidate for the Democrats while Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, a nonprofit organization of unarmed crime prevention is the Republican candidate for the November 2nd NYC Mayoral election.

On 22nd June the primaries for the NYC Mayoral election were held. Brooklyn Borough President and former police officer Eric Adams won the Democratic Primary election while the Republican primary was won by Guardian Angels founder and Never Trump Republican Curtis Sliwa.

They are the major candidates in this multi-party election. Curtis Sliwa is also running on the Independence Party Ticket

new york city political map manhattan drawing csp79545298
The Dark Yellow regions of the map are the 5 suburbs of New York City

Registered Democrats currently outnumber registered Republicans in New York City by more than six to one, and there are twice as many registered independents as Republicans there. Democratic nominee Eric Adams is regarded as the overwhelming favorite to prevail in the general election.

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Betting and Prediction markets

Eric Adams
Curtis Sliwa
Predicted Winner
Eric Adams

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Demographics

As per the 2020 Census, New York City’s population surged by more than 600,000 over the past decade, to a record high of 8.8 million people.
As per the 2018 American Community Survey:-

Proportion of Population
White American
Black American
Asian American
Native American, Hawaiin and Pacific Islander
Two or more races

The Hispanic/Latino proportion of the population is around 29.1%

 The Jewish community of the city is approximately 13 percent of the population, making the Jewish community in New York City, not just the largest in the USA but also the largest community outside Israel.

Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans almost 6 to 1 in the city.
Except for Staten Island, every other borough in the city is reliably Democrat-dominated.

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Google Search, 25th Sept

Two weeks ago, on Google search, Eric Adams was leading Curtis Sliwa by 53% to 47%. In the week of 6th Sep to 13th Sep, Adams is ahead of Sliwa and was leading 51% to 49%

As you can see, Curtis Sliwa and eric Adams have been toe to toe the last 7 days on Google Search.

Eric Adams: 47.8% Curtis Sliwa: 52.2%

new york 1

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Latest News ,25th Sept

25th Sept

Eric Adams focuses on climate resiliency in wake of storms

Democratic Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Unveils Plan To Protect New Yorkers From Flooding, Climate Change Threats

The Preelection Honeymoon of Eric Adams

Andrew Yang’s new 3rd party will be called ‘The Forward Party,’ according to his forthcoming book

Sliwa demands an apology from Adams campaign over Willowbrook school comments

NYC mayoral hopeful Eric Adams’ Willowbrook remarks draw ire of disability advocates, opponent Sliwa

24th Sept

Eric Adams: Closing of Willowbrook State School was a ‘mistake,’ ‘an overreaction to advocacy’

NYC Mayor de Blasio ‘happy to hand off’ to Eric Adams despite recent tensions

Adams spent vacation in Monaco

23rd Sept

De Blasio touts good relationship with Adams, despite recent barbs

Democratic Nominee Eric Adams Says If He Is Elected Mayor, He Will Rid The NYPD Of Bad Cops

Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa put crime in city, Rikers crisis at center stage of campaigns

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Latest Videos ,25thSept

Democratic Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Unveils Plan To Protect New Yorkers From Flooding, Climate Change

Curtis Sliwa for Mayor of NYC 2021.

Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa on San Genaro bar brawl

Democratic Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Vows To Rid NYPD Of Bad Apples

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Latest Tweets,25thSept

Originally tweeted by Mark Treyger 🍎 (@MarkTreyger718) on September 24, 2021.

Thank you @ericadamsfornyc & community leaders for visiting Coney Island to highlight work that is still needed now and in the future in terms of storm recovery, resiliency, & basic infrastructure improvements for residents. There’s no time to solely rely on 50 to 100 year plans.

We have residents right now shouldering the burden of climate change and antiquated infrastructure, such as inadequate sewers, pipes, electrical, and more. As the borough president stated, we need prevention and intervention right now. Couldn’t agree more. More work ahead.

Originally tweeted by Curtis Sliwa for NYC Mayor (@CurtisSliwa) on September 24, 2021.

Me in May ‘21: we must address issues at Rikers

Me in June: we must address issues at Rikers

Me in July: we must address issues at Rikers

Me in Aug: we must address issues at Rikers

Me in Sept: we must address issues at Rikers

Other politicians now discovering Rikers:


Originally tweeted by NYLCV (@nylcv) on September 24, 2021.

NYLCV applauds the Adams Resiliency Plan – this is exactly the kind of ambitious and bold #climate plan that we need to protect New Yorkers. Today, President @julietighe17 joined @ericadamsfornyc to discuss our path forward for NYC.


Originally tweeted by Curtis Sliwa for NYC Mayor (@CurtisSliwa) on September 24, 2021.

Curtis continues his patrol of The Carey Gardens Project in Coney Island at 3:30 this morning. Almost every door warns not to leave packages b/c they’d be stolen. Some apartments had recently been raided by the #NYC Sheriff’s Department where clearly they were doing evictions

image 213

Originally tweeted by Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) on September 24, 2021.

I endorse my friend of 40 years @CurtisSliwa for Mayor of New York. What @EricAdams-his opponent-said about #Willowbrook is intolerable. Insensitive and bizarre

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: How the city has voted in previous Elections

New York City is known to be a long-time Democratic Bastion as we have mentioned above, the last time a Republican Presidential Candidate won a Majority in the 5 boroughs of the city was in 1920.
But the city was known for split voting on the state and local level it was not averse to voting for Republican Mayors or State/national representatives who were more leftwing compared to their national counterparts, but even this has changed today

In the last few years, the city has become more left-wing over time and more ‘Blue’ on the National level and on the mayoral level too, not to mention it too is stuck in the grip of partisan politics. There is only 1 Republican in the US House of Reps. from the City and she won from a district based in Staten Island.

Today it is almost impossible for someone like Rudy Giuliani or Michael Bloomberg who won on a Republican ticket multiple times between 1994 to 2009 to win as a Republican or even an Independent if they ran today for mayor.

New york in Mayoral Elections

Winning Candidate
Winner’s Voteshare
Runner -up
Runner-Up’s Voteshare
Bill De Blasio
[Democrat, Working Families]
Nicole Malliotakis
[Republican, Conservative]
Bill De Blasio
[Democrat, Working Families]
Joe Lhota
[Republican, Conservative]
Michael Bloomberg
[Republican, Independence]
Bill Thompson
[Democrat, Working Families]
Michael Bloomberg
[Republican,Liberal, Independence]
Fernando Ferrer
Michael Bloomberg
[Republican, Independence]
Mark J Green
[Democrat, Working Families]
Rudy Giuliani
[Republican, Liberal]
Ruth Messinger

New York in Presidential Elections

Democratic Voteshare
Republican Voteshare

See the figures between 2001 and 2009 in both the tables, compare the Republican voteshare in that decade to the Republican Voteshare in the next decade(2010-2020)

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Endorsements

The current New York city mayor De Blasio officially endorsed Eric Adams in an event on Monday

Other endorsements touted by Eric Adams include US Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Congresswoman Grace Meng, Congressman Jerrold Nadler, NYC Council speaker Corey Johnson and NYC Assembly speaker Carl Heastie

Curtis Sliwa on the other hand has the endorsements of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Results of the Democratic Primaries

Eric Adams: 30.8%, (Ranked Choice method: 50.4%)

Maya Wiley: 21.3%

Kathryn Garcia: 19.6%, (Ranked Choice method: 49.6%)

Andrew Yang: 12.2%

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Results of the Republican Primaries

Curtis Sliwa: 71.1%

Fernando Mateo: 28.9%

Detailed profile of Curtis Sliwa

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