Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: Bruce Harrell ahead in latest Poll and Google Search

Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: Bruce Harrell ahead in latest Poll and Google Search
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Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: Bruce Harrell is currently ahead with a 15 point margin over Lorena Gonzalez

Crosscut/elway poll

The 2021 Seattle Mayoral election is scheduled for November 2nd, 2021.

Incumbent Mayor Jenny Durkan announced that she would retire at the end of her current term and not seek reelection. Fifteen candidates were running in a nonpartisan top-two primary for mayor of Seattle, Washington, on August 3, 2021.
Prior to the November 2nd election, a nonpartisan primary election was held on August 3rd to select the final two candidates.

The top 2 candidates who made it to the next step of the election were Bruce Harrell and Lorena Gonzalez who belong to the Moderate and Progressive wings of the Democratic Party Respectively

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The Homelessness debate will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 29

Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: Latest Polls

Until now , the Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls has seen only one poll released after the Preliminary Election results were out by August 17th

Polling Company
Bruce Harell
Lorena Gonazlez
Crosscut/Elway Research
7th to 9th September

As per the findings of this very detailed poll:-

  • Bruce Harrell is currently in the lead with 42%
  • Lorena Gonzalez is second with 24%
  • A large proportion of voters are still undecided
  • 54% of people aged 65 and above and 47% of people aged between 50-64 support Bruce Harrell
  • 30% of those who support Bruce Harell support him because of his views on specific issues
  • Atleast 15% support him because he is a moderate
  • Atleast 22% are voting for him because they don’t like his opponent or her philosophy
  • A plurality i.e.36% of people aged 18-35 and 36-50 support Lorena Gonzalez
  • 36% of Respondents who support Lorena Gonzalez support her because of Philosophy+Progressive Ideology
  • Atleast 17% support her because of her stance on issues

Regarding the election for city attorney. 26% support Ann Davison while 22% support Nicole Thomas-Kennedy
45% of the population still remains Undecided.

As per the Crosscut/Elway Poll, the key issues facing Seattleites are

  • Homelessness – 80%
  • Police department – 47%
  • Crime – 45%
  • Condition of downtown – 40%
  • Zoning and housing density – 39%
  • Opportunities for disadvantaged residents – 32%
  • Transport – 30%

Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: Key Issues

The key issues/concerns facing voters as per the Northwest Progressive Institute are:-

The Homelessness crisis which has been going on for years – 68%
Police reform(Defund, change the purpose) – 18%
Improving public safety and tackling crime -17%
Bringing down housing costs – 13%
Police support(increasing funding) -10%
Beautifying the city – 9%
Public housing for low-income Seattleites – 9%
Bolstering the city’s infrastructure -8%

Regardless of age, party affiliation, gender, or race, Seattleites really, really want their next mayor to make addressing homelessness and public safety in the city their top priorities. There is a strong desire for results over rhetoric.

Racial Demographics of Seattle
There are over 483,000 registered voters in Seattle

As per the 2014-18 American Community Services(ACS) Estimates:-

White American (Non -Hispanic)
Asian American
Hispanic American
African American
Native American
Pacific Islander

Seattle is one of the most Liberal Cities in the USA.

Local Elections are non-partisan but almost all the city-wide elected officials are registered, Democrats. Seattle is part of 2 COngressional Districts- the 7th and the 9th which have elected Democratic Representatives by huge margins for the last 10 years

In the last 5 Presidential elections, the Republican party has never crossed more than 20% of the total vote.

Democratic Voteshare
Republican Voteshare

Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: Google Update, 18th Sept

From August 17th, Bruce Harrell has been ahead on Google Trends.

In the last 7 days, there has been more search and support for Bruce than for Lorena Gonzalez
Bruce Harrell: 74% Lorena Gonzalez: 26%

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Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: Latest News, 20th Sep

20th September

Former Candidate Andrew Houston endorses Lorena Gonzalez

18th September
Candidates for Seattle mayor on homelessness: Actions, data, accountability

17th September
Meet Seattle’s 2021 general-election candidates for mayor and learn about their stances on the issues

Seattle elections are nonpartisan, but some November candidates see group divide
Moderate vs Progressive divides among Democrats

Seattle voters back stronger tree protections in a recent poll

16th September
Candidates to face off in Homelessness Debates on Sept. 29

Would Carmen Best return as Seattle police chief if Bruce Harrell is elected mayor?

15th September
Poll: Bruce Harrell leads in Seattle mayoral race, but many voters are still undecided

Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: Latest Tweets and Videos, 20th Sept

Originally tweeted by M. Lorena González (@MLorenaGonzalez) on September 20, 2021.

Thank you, @TheUrbanAce. I know we share common vision around making Seattle a 15-minute city, increasing density to welcome more neighbors, and fighting climate change through smart housing and transit policy. Thank you for your activism and your endorsement!


Originally tweeted by Bruce Harrell (@bruceforseattle) on September 19, 2021.

Great to join community celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and highlighting the work of the Seniors in Action Foundation.

Bruce Harrell celebrating with Chinese American community.

Originally tweeted by Bruce Harrell (@bruceforseattle) on September 16, 2021.

The workers who have put their safety on the line to care for our community during this pandemic deserve more than just our gratitude – they deserve a fair contract. Proud to stand in support of WFSE Local 3488 and Harborview healthcare workers.

Originally tweeted by M. Lorena González (@MLorenaGonzalez) on September 16, 2021.

Thrilled to share that @APACEvotes has endorsed my candidacy for Mayor! APACE has a long legacy of working to engage and protect our local AAPI/APIA communities. It’s an honor to receive their support for my Mayoral campaign!

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Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: Who were the candidates in the Primary Election and what Happened?

On August 3rd voting begun, after 14 days of counting the results of the Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls primary were finally released in their entirety

Bruce Harrell was widely expected to be the frontrunner, but very few expected the distance between him and Lorena Gonzalez to be this close.

As these two were the first 2 candidates,they went to the next round of this election

Screenshot 202asdsfasf

Seattle mayoral candidates say the city is at an 'existential' point |  Crosscut

Preliminary election for the November 2nd Seattle Mayoral General election will be held on August 3rd. A total of 15 candidates are in fray for the August 3rd Primary election. The preliminary election is a non-partisan primary.

The top two candidates to get the most votes will move to the final round.
Among the 15 candidates, 8 candidates have been able to grab the media attention. The candidates are Colleen Echohawk, Jessyn Farrell, Lorena González, Bruce Harrell, Andrew Grant Houston, Lance Randell, Arthur K. Langlie and Casey Sixkiller.
The candidates are:

Colleen Echohawk

Colleen Echohawk is the Former executive director of Chief Seattle Club. She has been living in Settle since past 24 years. She’s an enrolled member of the Katehaki Band of the Pawnee Nation and a member of the Upper Athabascan people of Mentasta Lake. She had announced her candidacy in late January.

Colleen Echohawk making homelessness the center of her bid for Seattle mayor

Jessyn Farrell

Jessyn Farrell is Senior vice president at Civic Ventures. She was raised in northeast Seattle and Lake Forest Park and have lived in Seattle ever since then. She graduated from the University of Washington and Boston College Law School.

Lorena González

Lorena González is currently Civil rights attorney and the present Seattle City Council president. González grew up in Central Washington in a migrant farm-working family.

Bruce Harrell

Bruce Harrell is Attorney and former Seattle City Council member. He announced his campaign via an “open letter” to the city of Seattle in the month of March 2021.

Andrew Grant Houston

Andrew Grant Houston is Architect and owner of House Cosmopolitan. He declared his candidacy in the early days of 2021. Houston’s campaign is focused on climate change and housing.

Lance Randall

Lance Randall is a small business owner, political scientist, economic development practitioner and a musician. He is currently serving as director of economic development for SEED Seattle.

Arthur K. Langlie

Arthur K. Langlie is the grandson of a former Seattle mayor and Washington governor. He works as a Senior executive in the construction industry.

Casey Sixkiller

Casey Sixkiller is Former deputy mayor for Seattle. He announced his candidacy in the month of May 2021. Sixkiller has also served as King County’s chief operating officer. He’s an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

The other candidates running for the August 3rd Primary election are:

Don L. Rivers, Stan Lippmann, Clinton Bliss, Henry Clay Dennison, James Donaldson, Omari Tahir-Garrett and Rodney Holt.

Analysis: In Seattle mayoral race, top contenders must make a case for change, Both Lorena González and Bruce Harrell come with City Hall baggage

Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: How is the Election Held?

Elections for the next Seattle Mayoral will begin with a Primary election scheduled for August 3rd. Elections in Washington use a nonpartisan blanket primary that selects the top two candidates. All the candidates will appear on the ballot for the Primary election whether endorsed by any party or not.

Washington elections have been vote-by-mail in every county since 1990.

  • Voting can only be done by absentee ballot, typically mailed to registered voters 20 days ahead of the election deadline, and returned by US Mail.
  • Designated ballot drop boxes are available as an alternative to mailing, and voters with disabilities can get assistance in person beginning 18 days before election day.
  • Mail in ballots must be postmarked by midnight of the election day, or delivered to the drop box by 8 pm.

Have you returned your ballot? Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming primary election in Seattle:

Seattle Mayoral Race 2021 Polls: What happened in last Election?

The last Seattle Mayoral Election was held in the year 2017. The incumbent mayor back then, Ed Murray sought re-election, but after allegations of sexual abuse he resigned from his position in September 2017 and called off his campaign.

For the Primary election, 21 candidates were in fray. The candidates included the likes of Jenny Durkan, Cary Moon, Nikkita Oliver, Jessyn Farrell former Mayor Mike McGinn, and State Senator Bob Hasegawa. After the Primary election, former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan and civic activist Cary Moon advanced to the General election which was held on November 7, 2017.

In general election, Jenny Durkan received 56.25% vote percentage while Carey Moon got 43.75% votes. On November 28 Jenny Durkan officially took over as Mayor of Seattle. She became the first female mayor of Seattle since Bertha Knight Landes was elected in 1926.

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