Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021: McAuliffe, 47.7% vs Youngkin, 45.6%, first debate unlikely to change momentum

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021: McAuliffe, 47.7% vs Youngkin, 45.6%, first debate unlikely to change momentum
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The latest Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 shows Terry McAuliffe at 47.7% is marginally ahead of Glenn Youngkin at 45.6%

Average of recent polls, sep 17th

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 and News: Background

After the 2020 US Presidential election, the first ideological proxy fight between the Centre-Left path of the Biden-led Democratic party and a Republican Party that is eager to hold on to Trump’s voter base and his additions to their ideology will be seen in the form of the Virginia Governor Race 2021.

The Virginia Governor Race due to its proximity towards the power centers of the East Coast will be seen as a mini-referendum of sorts on the Biden Administration especially going by the past trends of how the state has voted.

Ex-Governor Terry McAuliffe is the Democratic candidate while Republicans have nominated Glenn Youngkin, a businessman as their candidate for this Virginia Governor Race.

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 and News: 1st Debate Google Search Analysis

Last 4 hours (at 11.30 PM ET): Glenn Youngkin: 70%, McAuliffe: 30%

Last 24 hours (at 11.30 AM ET): Glenn Youngkin: 68%, McAuliffe: 32%

Last 7 days (at 11.30 PM ET): Glenn Youngkin: 70%, McAuliffe: 30%

August 15, 2020 to Sep 14th, 2020 – Trump: 73%, Biden: 27%

Watch: Full Virginia gubernatorial debate

McAuliffe, Youngkin square off in first gubernatorial debate: 3 mins summary

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 and News: Latest Polls, Sep 17th

The findings of the latest Virginia Governor Race 2021 Polls are as summarised:-

Polling Company
Dates of polling
Terry McAuliffe(D)
Glenn Youngkin
Sep 7th-13th
Sep 13-14th
Aug 30th -2nd Sep
Aug 24-29th
Aug 26-29th

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 and News: Google Search Update, Sep 19th

While polls are showing a close race between McAuliffe and Youngkin, Google search data shows Mr. Youngkin outperforming Donald Trump and amassing more interest than Terry McAuliffe is. Remember, Trump, lost this state by nearly 10% points.

Last 30 days: Youngkin:62%, McAuliffe: 38%

Aug 19th to Sept 19th – Trump: 71%, Biden: 29%

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 and News: Polls in detail

Washington Post Schar Scholar Poll

  • 50% of Likely voters plan to vote for Terry McAuliffe, 47% of Likely voters plan to vote for Glenn Youngkin
  • The number 1 issue was the economy followed by the COVID pandemic and education, Crime and Public safety was 4th most important followed by abortion
  • Youngkin outperforms McAuliffe on Taxes while McAuliffe outperforms Youngkin on handling of the pandemic, education and abortion
  • 66% rated the economy as Good/Excellent
  • Joe Biden’s approval rating was at 46%

Emerson Polling
As per the findings of the latest Emerson Poll

  • 49% of Likely voters plan to vote for Terry McAuliffe
  • 44.5% of Likely voters plan to vote for Glenn Youngkin
  • 1.6% will vote for a third party candidate ,while 5 % are Undecided
  • 63% of undecided voters lean towards Youngkin while the rest lean towards McAuliffe

As we go into detail into the poll

  • Youngkin does better among Republicans (82%), Men(48%), voters without a college degree(50%) and a simple majority of White Voters (51%)
  • McAuliffe performs well with Democrats(90%),Women (53%),Hispanics(56%), African Americans(63%),Asians(75%)
  • Among Independents, the 54% support Youngkin, compare to 35% who support McAuliffe and 9% who are undecided.
  • Youngkin is strongest in the Western ( 60% ), and the Southern Coastal (55%) regions of the state .
    In comparison, McAuliffe does best in the Northern (63% ), and the Southeastern (64%) regions

  • 46.6% of correspondents approve of Biden’s performance with 47.7% disapproving
  • 47% of voters said they would support the banning of teachings of critical race theory in Virginia public schools. 36% said they would not support such a ban, and 17% were unsure or had no opinion on the issue.
  • In the race for Attorney General, Incumbent Mark Herring is ahead of his Republican challenger Jason Miyares, 47% to 41% while 11% remain undecided.
Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021: McAuliffe narrowly ahead at 47.7% vs Youngkin at 44.4%

WPA Intelligence poll (GOP poll?)

The findings of the latest WPAIntelligence poll are unique when compared to the other polls

This may be an internal poll of the Glenn Youngkin campaign, but they are the FIRST Opinion poll of Virginia done by any reputable agency to show Glenn Youngkin ahead of Terry McAuliffe

  • 48% of likely voters will vote for Glenn Youngkin to be governor
  • 46% of likely voters plan to vote for Terry McAuliffe
  • 3% plan to vote for Diamond Blanding while 4% are Undecided
  • 81% of Republicans are very excited to vote compared to 58% of Democrats
  • THe agency claims that Joe Biden’s failures in Afghanistan and on the Domestic level especially inflation are pushing Terry McAuliffe down
  • Biden has a positive approval rating of 43% and a negative approval rating of 50%

Monmouth Poll

Terry McAuliffe has the lead in his bid to become Governor the second time and is ahead of Youngkin.

McAuliffe has the support of 92% of Democrats while Youngkin has the support of 91% of Republicans and surprisingly has more support from Independents compared to McAuliffe (44% to 38%).

  • McAuliffe performs will with Black Voters (80% to 8% ),Latinos, Asians, and multiracial voters(58% to 28%) and has the advantage in White voters with college degrees(49% to 42%)
  • Youngkin holds a large 56% to 35% lead among white voters, the lead with this group is largely due to white voters without a bachelor’s degree (65% to 25%).
  • McAuliffe enjoys huge margins in Northern Virginia and Central Virginia ,Youngkin claims a large lead in the Western part of the State
  • Republicans are a little more excited than Democrats this year. The question is whether thisenthusiasm turns out enough low-propensity Youngkin supporters to close the gap

The primary concerns of the voters(Especially independents) are:-

  • Covid -19 Pandemic – 23%
  • Education and public schools – 18%
  • Economy – 16%
  • Health care -13%
  • Gun Rights – 9%

Democrats put healthcare, education and Covid as their top priorities.
Republicans gave more priority to gun rights and illegal immigration.

  • More People Trusted Terry McAuliffe on Handling the Pandemic ,handling racial issues and on Education and schools. Glenn Youngkin edges out Terry McAuliffe when it comes to the Economy though
  • In 2017 the race was nationalised thanks to President Trump, Joe Biden’s performance may have an impact on 32% of voters but most voters are not going to vote taking Biden’s performance in consideration
  • The poll further goes to give Democratic candidates the advantage in the Lieutenant governor race and the Attorney General Race. It gives the Democratic party a small advantage over the GOP in the house of delegates race (48% to 45%)

Trafalgar Group Poll

The poll contradicts the findings of every other poll by claiming that the race is a dead heat between both the major points with Terry McAuliffe ahead by a knife’s edge.

Terry McAuliffe will get 46.6% of all votes and Glenn Youngkin is right behind him at 46.3%. Only 5% of voters are undecided at this stage.

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 and News: What are the Prediction and Betting Odds?

On Predictit, the Odds are as follows:

  • Terry McAuliffe (D): 82 cents (equivalent to -455)
  • Glenn Youngkin (R): 20 cents (+400)

On Smarkets, the chances of a Democratic party win is 85%, present trading is at 1:22 to 3.3 in the democrat’s favor

The odds for Democrat win in Virginia stands at 1.22 and for Republican win stands at 3.

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 and News: Latest Campaign News, Sep 19th

Polifact: Fact-checking the first McAuliffe-Youngkin debate

19th September

Opinion: Youngkin is saying the right thing on election fraud. So is election integrity still his ‘top priority’?

Virginia governor’s race enters new phase as early voting begins

McAuliffe plans could cost each Virginia family $5,400: Report by Thomas Jefferson Institute

Republicans Now Eager to Spin the Election in Virginia

18th September
March for Life returns to Virginia Capitol as abortion rights are on the ballot in statewide elections

‘Pro-Life’ Group Susan B. Anthony List endorses Youngkin

Richmond, Chesterfield see hundreds turnout on the first day of early voting in Virginia

Poll: McAulliffe and Youngkin in tight race for Virginia governor

Terry McAuliffe rallies voters in Fairfax on first day of early voting

Catholic group using geo-data to target parishes in Virginia governor’s race

17th September
Log Cabin Republicans Endorses Glenn Youngkin for Virginia Governor

NFIB Virginia endorses Glenn Youngkin

McAuliffe attacks Youngkin as ‘Trump wannabe,’ defends tying opponent to former president

McAuliffe and Youngkin split on COVID mandates, abortion and energy policy in first debate

Youngkin breaks with Trump on whether Democrats will cheat in the Virginia governor’s race

Gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety to back Terry McAuliffe for Governor and donate to him

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 : Latest Tweets, Sep 19th

Originally tweeted by Glenn Youngkin (@GlennYoungkin) on September 19, 2021.

¡Una gran multitud en Woodbridge para celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana y restaurar la excelencia en la educación! #GanaConGlenn

Originally tweeted by Terry McAuliffe (@TerryMcAuliffe) on September 19, 2021.

We will build a new clean energy economy here in Virginia, reduce emissions, and create JOBS! 100% clean by 2035 — let’s go.

Screenshot 2021 09 19 215353

Originally tweeted by WNSB – HOT 91.1 FM (@Hot91Online) on September 19, 2021.

Listen to the State of the Water with host Dr. Eric Claville today at 1pm on

This week’s topic is “Election Overview Part 1: Commonwealth of Virginia.”

#wnsbonline #hot91online #sotw #stateofthewater #earlyvoting #voting #elections #virginiaelections


Originally tweeted by John McGuire (@JohnMcGuire4VA) on September 18, 2021.

We honored fellow veterans during breakfast this morning in Henrico County with special guest @GlennYoungkin.

Thank you Glenn for sharing your vision to make Virginia the most veteran friendly state in America.

Virginia Governor Race Polls 2021 : Latest Videos and Ads, Sep 19th

Terry McAuliffes latest Ad

Terry McAuliffe wants to make life more difficult for business owners in Virginia by getting rid of Right to Work. When I’m governor, Right to Work is here to stay.

Terry McAuliffe Ad on the debate

Glenn Youngkin’s closing statement

Originally tweeted by Susan B. Anthony List (@SBAList) on September 17, 2021.

@mallorytq reminds voters of the horrific records of Northam and McAuliffe on abortion and urges them to get out and vote for @GlennYoungkin who we endorsed for Governor earlier today

2021 Virginia Governor Race Polls and News: What Happened in the Previous Election?

The last Virginia Gubernatorial Election was held in November, 2017. Ralph Northam was the Democratic nominee while  Ed Gillespie was nominated by the Republicans.  Clifford Hyra was the Libertarian Party’s nominee. The election result saw Democrats re-occupying the chair of Virginia Governor once again.

In the election, Democratic nominee Ralph Northam won 53.9% of votes while Republican nominee Ed Gillespie won 45% of votes. The election had the highest voter turnout percentage in a Virginia gubernatorial election in twenty years and Ralph Northam won the election by the largest margin for a Democrat since 1985.

The state had been known to elect its Governor from the party that is not in the White House before the 2013 Virginia Governor Race. However, in recent years a state which was once reliably Republican at the national level has gradually shifted towards first becoming a swing state and has now shifted more towards the Democrats than the Republicans.

A shift that many believe is due to the growing population in the liberal-leaning suburbs of Northern Virginia now a Democrat Bastion which borders D.C. and Maryland, and the suburbs of Central Virginia i.e. the state capital of Richmond

Both its Senators in the US Senate are Democrats, 7 out of 11 House Representatives are from the Democratic Party. Both houses in the state are held by a Democratic Majority. Add to that the last time a Republican was elected to a Statewide office was in 2009.

In the 2020 US election, Biden won it by a margin greater than Hillary Clinton’s margin of victory in 2016. The Republicans have not won a single statewide election since 2009.

2021 Virginia Governor Race Polls and News: Importance of this Election

Virginia Gubernatorial Election will give a clear picture of acceptance of Joe Biden. Since he took charge as President by defeating Donald Trump this will be nothing less than a proxy fight between the two. The election will provide the first big test of strength between the two parties ahead of the mid-terms next year.

This Virginia Governor Race could turn out to be another battleground between the Democrats and Republicans in their ongoing Culture wars and especially about the highly controversial ‘Critical-Race Theory’

2021 Virginia Governor Race Polls: McAuliffe marginally ahead

The election may also set the tone for the upcoming midterm election of 2022 for both the parties.

Virginia Department of Elections

Read: Joe Biden Approval rating: Struggling on Immigration and Economy

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Robert Bailey
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Virginia is going RED in November.

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personally idk how this election will go, polls have McAuliffe at a 1-3 point lead, making it seem like he will win, but in reality it’ll be Much closer, remember Virginia in the 2020 Presidential Election was predicted to go 52.75% for Biden and 37% for Trump, but turns out polls were 7% off for republicans and 1.35% off for democrats- so if we gave McAuliffe an edge of 1.35% to what he currently stands and Youngkin a 7% edge, Youngkin would be winning gin the polls by a lean/tilt margin.

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Bartley F Tuthill
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The problem is the demacrats have the machines so im having problems believing its gonna be a free and fair election…If it were fair i believe Youngkin wins it!

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