Wisconsin Governor Polls: Will Trump Endorsed Tim Michels Win Wisconsin Governor Race?

Wisconsin Governor Polls: Will Trump Endorsed Tim Michels Win Wisconsin Governor Race?
June 22nd, 2022: Wisconsin Governor Polls: The GOP Primary election is heading for a wire finish as per the latest polls.

According to the polls, there is a close fight between Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Michels. The latest poll gives Tim Michels 1 point lead over Rebecca Kleefisch.

Google Trends: The Google trend data shows the surge in search volume for Tim Michels. The data shows Michels gaining on the behest of Kevin Nicholson and somewhat from the share of Rebecca Kleefisch.

Net Sentiment: Tim Michels and Rebecca Kleefisch both have the worst net sentiments among the GOP candidates and Kevin Nicholson has the best net sentiment.

Verdict: Considering the latest polls and other metrics, Tim Michels holds a marginal lead over Rebecca Kleefisch.

Wisconsin is one of the 5 states that Joe Biden flipped in the 2020 Presidential election. Biden won Wisconsin by less than a percent. In 2016, Donald Trump was ahead of Hillary Clinton by 1% in Wisconsin. Thanks to Dane and Milwaukee counties, Joe Biden pulled off a narrow win in Wisconsin.

Once again the citizens of Wisconsin will be voting to elect the next Governor of the state. Incumbent Democratic Governor Tony Evers will be seeking re-election. The next Wisconsin Governor election is scheduled for November 8th, 2022 but before the state votes for electing their governor, both Republican and Democratic party’s candidates will be facing each other in the August 9th Primary election.

Since Governor Tony Evers has already declared that he will be running for the office, the Dems field is expected to be less competitive. However, on the Republican side, four candidates have already declared their candidature for the upcoming Primary election and the GOP Primary election is expected to close.

Wisconsin Governor Race Polls: Primary Election Candidates

Republican Party

  • Rebecca Kleefisch, former Lieutenant Governor
  • Tim Michels, Nominee for U.S. Senate in 2004
  • Kevin Nicholson, Candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018
  • Timothy Ramthun, a state assemblyman from the 59th district

Democratic Party

  • Tony Evers, incumbent Governor
  • Job Edmond Hou-Seye, former alderman of Sheboygan

Wisconsin Governor Polls: Latest Polls

Wisconsin Primary Election Polls: Republican Party

Public Policy PollingMay 10th
Rebecca Kleefisch26%
Tim Michels27%
Kevin Nicholson9%

The polls for the upcoming Wisconsin Primary election are divided but Rebecca Kleefisch has been ahead in almost all the polls. However, with the entry of Tim Michels, the GOP primary election is turning out to be a close one. The latest poll for the upcoming GOP Primary election gives Tim Michels an advantage over Rebecca Kleefisch.

Tim Michels is gaining from both Kevin Nicholson who was in a close fight against Rebecca Kleefisch and Rebecca Kleefisch herself. In the last few polls, Kevin’s numbers have simply crashed and Kleefisch too has been losing ground as per the latest polls.

Wisconsin Governor Polls: Google Trends

The Google Trend data also shows a close fight between Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Michels. The data indicates the rise of Tim Michels and the decline of Kevin Nicholson. Currently, Tim Michels is comfortable ahead of the rest of his GOP rivals.

Date22nd June
Rebecca Kleefisch33%
Tim Michels60%
Kevin Nicholson5%
Date21st June
Rebecca Kleefisch31%
Tim Michels61%
Kevin Nicholson6%

Wisconsin Governor Polls: Net Sentiments

Date22nd June
Rebecca Kleefisch-17%
Tim Michels-28%
Kevin Nicholson+42%
Date 21st June
Rebecca Kleefisch-20%
Tim Michels-29%
Kevin Nicholson+19%

Wisconsin Governor Race Polls: Latest News

Wisconsin Governor Race Polls: Latest Videos

YouTube video

Wisconsin Governor Race Polls: Latest Tweets

Wisconsin Governor Polls: What Happened in Last Governor Election?

The last Wisconsin Governor election was held in 2018 and the office of Governor was held by the Republican Scott Walker. The election was closely fought and even on the night of the election, the result was too close to call.

However, after the result was declared, Wisconsin became the only state to elect a Democrat as a Governor in 2018. Tony Evers won the election by a margin of 1.1%. He received 49.5% vote share while Scott Walker got 48.4% vote share.

Wisconsin Governor Polls: How did the State Vote in the 2020 Presidential Election?

Biden won Wisconsin by a slim margin of 0.7% vote share. Trump polled a total of 48.9% votes while Biden received 49.6% of the total votes. In 2016 Trump won the state by a 1% margin. Biden won in Wisconsin by 20,565 votes.

Wisconsin has 72 counties and the Republicans in 2020 were ahead in 58 counties but the election result was decided by the 14 counties where the Democrats were ahead.

Biden flipped Door county which was won by Trump in 2016. However, the counties deciding the result of the 2020 election were Dane County and Milwaukee. In Dane, Democrats lead the Republicans by nearly 200,000 while in Milwaukee, in 2016 Clinton got slightly over 288,000 votes. But in 2020, the Democrats polled over 317,000 votes. Trump’s votes too increased in Milwaukee but the increase was minor to what Biden gained.

Wisconsin Governor Polls

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