Apple Stock a Buy: Is it the right time to buy the stock?

Apple Stock a Buy: Is it the right time to buy the stock?

Apple Stock a Buy: Analysing the scope of investment in Apple stock in the near future

Apple Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

Apple Stock a Buy: Last Quarter Earnings

Despite supply chain challenges, Apple reported a significant increase in earnings. It’s difficult to find anything wrong with Apple’s most recent quarterly reports. The term “all-time record” appears 31 times in the earnings call transcript. In the first quarter of 2022, Apple made new records for revenue ($123.9 billion, up 11 percent), operating cash flow ($47 billion), net income ($34.6 billion), and earnings per share ($2.10). Both of these indicators were up more than 20% year over year. iPhone revenue climbed by 9%, to $71.6 billion. The number of active iPhone users also hit a new high. MacBook revenue was $10.9 billion, and the new MacBook Pro contributed to a 25% boost in income.

Apple Stock a Buy: The Metaverse

Apple’s entry into the metaverse, the latest buzzword in technology that promises to blur the lines between the virtual and real worlds, has sparked a lot of discussions. According to third-party rumors, Apple is working on a headset to take advantage of the metaverse possibilities. On the most recent earnings call, Cook confirmed such rumors by responding to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty’s question about the company’s metaverse intentions. Tim said that the company sees a lot of potential in the metaverse space.

Jumping into the metaverse would be a great move by Apple, According to a third-party projection, diverse metaverse-related products and services would produce over $829 billion in revenue by 2028, expanding at a rate of 43% annually.

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Apple stock a buy: Google Trends

Apple stock a buy: Valuation

Apple’s stock is now trading at $162.95 a share, any dip could be a buying opportunity. The stock’s average 12-month price target is $190.24, according to the 31 analysts who rate it. The 17 analysts who graded the stock after the most recent quarterly report set a price target of $189.49, or a 16 percent increase.

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Apple stock a buy: Apple vs Microsoft

Describing Apple and Microsoft as dynamic companies is almost underestimated. Both companies have been at the forefront of technology, and each has demonstrated an unparalleled capacity to adapt to the current market.

Microsoft recently gained attention when it announced an all-cash $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard (ATVI). Analysts anticipate that this acquisition will broaden the company’s gaming footprint. MSFT’s cloud business reached $20 billion in revenue for the first time in fiscal Q1 and increased by 36% year over year.

Last August, Microsoft announced a price increase for Office365. Customers who paid for Office365 on a monthly basis saw a 20 percent price increase. Microsoft’s price hike for Office365, according to the analyst, was a “smart move that might represent another $5 billion+ incremental tailwind for Redmond in 2022, giving more confidence that numbers could continue to climb upward.”

Unlike Microsoft, Apple is not in the cloud business, but it competes with Microsoft in the personal computer market. Due to supply chain restrictions, Apple’s smartphone, personal computer (PC), tablet, wearables, and accessory businesses experienced $6 billion in sales in the fiscal fourth quarter.

On March 8th, Apple has announced a “Peak Performance” event. It’s expected that Apple will reveal a new low-cost iPhone with 5G capability and a fingerprint reader, as well as an updated iPad Air and possibly a new Mac.

Microsoft’s 5-year PEG of 2.34x is slightly higher than its typical 5-year PEG of 2.23x, while Apple’s 5-year PEG of 2.29x is significantly higher than its average PEG of 1.90x over the last five years. Analysts’ bullish prediction on both stocks seems to be justified but, Apple’s valuation seems to be more convincing than Microsoft.

Apple Stock a Buy: Conclusion

On the last trading day, Apple’s stock rose 3.50 percent from $157.44 to $162.95. The stock traded between a low of $159.41 and a high of $163.41 during the day, fluctuating 2.51%. For this time period, the price has been fluctuating, with the previous two weeks seeing a 1.8 percent gain. volume dropped by -41 million shares, resulting in a total of 92 million shares traded for $15.06 billion.

Apple finds support around $162.74 from the accumulated volume, and this level could be a good place to buy if the support is checked. Apple stock saw $3 trillion in market cap for a brief moment, but it is still in correction territory.

Analysts predict an upward reaction for the stock, The long-term indication is to hold the position on stock and the short-term indication is to buy this stock.

Apple stock a buy

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