Apple Stock Forecast: AAPL RISES further but Momentum Stalls near $ 170

Apple Stock Forecast: AAPL RISES further but Momentum Stalls near $ 170
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Apple Stock Forecast: In the next 24 hours, analysts predict an average support price of $ 159 and an average resistance price of $ 167. The Overall Recommendation for the next 24 hours is Buy

All 3 of the 3 Momentum Metrics are Positive

3 analysts

AAPL Apple Stock Forecast: Latest Price

AAPL Apple stock closed 2.72% higher at $ 169.80 in the last trading session

Share Volume
75 M
Average Share Volume
77 M
Forward PE (1 Year)
Screenshot 2021 12 01 at 10.55.29 PM

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AAPL Apple Stock Forecast: Last 12 months Performance Chart

1 Day
Last 5 days
1 Month
1 Year

AAP appears to be losing momentum as volumes have weakened during the day. Overall sentiment is somewhat positive at the moment

Screenshot 2021 12 01 at 11.07.20 PM

Apple Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary

Technical Indicator
Social Media Buzz Momentum

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AAPL Apple Stock Forecast: Support and Resistance (AAPL)

$ 156 (S3)
$ 167 (R1)
$ 165 (S3)
$ 168 (R1)
$ 156 (S3)
$ 167 (R1)

APPLE STOCK (AAPL) Price Predictions Using Technical Analysis!

Apple Stock Forecast: Latest Apple Stock News and Tweets

Originally tweeted by PineappleStocks (@Pineapplestocks) on November 30, 2021.

$AAPL Great Bullish Chart!! Cup & Handle Bullish Pattern Is Visible!! Looking at the Daily chart, the stock has broken trend line resistance with a big green candle and huge volume. RSI is also supported to an uptrend.


Apple Stock Forecast: Social Media Sentiment

Social Media Sentiment Period
Positive Sentiment
Negative Sentiment
Sentiment Trend
Last 7 days
Last 24 hours

Apple Stock Today and 2022: Latest Crowd and Other Youtube Videos

Apple trading all time high. Watch latest Apple Inc. ( $AAPL ) stock analysis

AAPL Apple Forecast: 12 months Forecast

12 month Apple Stock Forecast
$ 198 (Upper Levels)
$ 198 (Upper Levels)
$ 198 (Upper Levels)
$ 198 (Upper Levels)

Apple Stock Forecast: Unexpected Surge in Apple Stock Price

  • The Share price of tech giant Apple rose unexpectedly in the last week. The stock prices rose sharply after a Bloomberg reported that the company is pushing for development of its electric car and focusing the project around self-driving capabilities.
  • Apple has appointed its watch software executive Kevin Lynch towards the visionary project and Apple’s target is to launch a self-driving vehicle in next four years.
  • The company has discussed partnership with multiple vehicle manufacturers and plans to build the same within US. Instead of adopting propriety charging system, company wants its cars to be compatible with combined charging system or CCS.
  • According to reports Apple is on track to sell 80 million devices in total in fiscal Q1 and 40 million devices within one month between black Friday and Christmas.

Apple Stock Forecast: Q4 Results

  • Apple officially reported Q4 earnings covering the month of July, August and September on October 27th. It reported a record revenue of $83.4 billion, up 29 percent year on year and a profit of $20.5 billion. In the same quarter last year, Apple reported a revenue of $64.7 billion with a profit of $12.67 billion.
  • Earnings per share stood at $1.24 and revenue from iPhone sales stood at $38.87 billion up 47 percent Year on Year.
  • Supply chain constraints were the main hindrance for the company and it lost around $6 billion as a consequence. The company has not provided guidance since the start of the pandemic but Cook said that Apple expects that the December quarter will be company’s highest in terms of revenue growth.        

Apple Stock Forecast: Future Outlook for AAPL Stock

  • The stock is on a roll recently and has delivered a 11% return in the last 1 month alone.
  • Despite the chip shortage and logistics struggles that Apple and every other tech company is facing, there has been tremendous demand for iPhone 13 in China and US and that is a positive sign for the company.
  • Apart from robust demand of its flagship products like iPhone 13 and AirPods 3, the surprise news of self-driving car is expected to keep the stock in demand among investors
  • However, with a Forward PE of > 25, Apple stock enjoys a high valuation and the stock has seen a 10-15 percent correction after topping out at $150. Secondly, although transitory, there are supply chain issues which are yet to be fully resolved.

After seeing recent surge investors should be cautious for taking fresh entry, but at same time should not exit from AAPL as December quarter is set to be very crucial for the company’s growth trajectory.   

Apple Stock Forecast Today and 2022: AAPL Closed Over $150

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