Apple Stock Prediction Today and 2022: AAPL Down Once Again

Apple Stock Prediction Today and 2022: AAPL Down Once Again
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Apple Stock Prediction: On the trading day of 14th of October, analysts predict an average support price of $ 138 and an average resistance price of $ 141.

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AAPL Apple Stock Prediction: Latest Price

AAPL Apple stock closed 0.42% lower at $ 140.91 on October 14th, 2021.

image 168

AAPL Apple Stock Prediction: Last 12 months Performance Chart

Oct 12th’21
vs Oct 11th’21
Last 5 days
Previous Month
Previous Year
$ 140.91

AAPL Apple Stock Prediction: Support and Resistance (AAPL), October 14th, 2021

$ 137 (S3)
$ 141 (R1)
$ 139 (S3)
$ 141 (R1)
$ 137 (S3)
$ 142 (R1)

AAPL Apple Stock Forecast: 12 months Forecast

12 month Apple Stock Forecast
$ 160
$ 157
$ 160
$ 158
$ 157

Apple Stock Prediction Today and 2022: Latest Apple Stock Forecast News

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