Apple Stock Prediction Today and 2022: Apple down 5% in Last 5 Days

Apple Stock Prediction Today and 2022: Apple down 5% in Last 5 Days
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Apple Stock Prediction: On the trading day of 21st of September, analysts predict an average support price of $ 140 and an average resistance price of $ 146.

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AAPL Apple Stock Prediction: Latest Price

AAPL Apple stock closed 2.14% lower at $ 142.94 on September 20, 2021.

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Apple Stock Analysis for 20th September: Is Apple Worth A Buy?

AAPL Apple Stock Prediction: Last 12 months Performance Chart

Sep 20th’21
vs Sep 17th’21
Last 5 days
Previous Month
Previous Year
$ 142.94

AAPL Apple Stock Prediction: Support and Resistance (AAPL), September 20th, 2021

$ 143 (S3)
$ 148 (R1)
$ 140 (S3)
$ 144 (R1)
$ 143 (S3)
$ 145 (R1)
$ 138 (S3)
$ 148 (R1)

Apple Stock Forecast Today and 2022: How did iPhone 13 Event Impact Apple Stock?

Apple stock on the day of the iPhone 13 launch performed poorly. The stock fell 1% to close at $148.12 in New York trading. On 14th September, Apple stock opened just above $150, however, by the day’s end, the stock closed below $149, a decline of almost 1%.

However, it is noteworthy, Apple stock has always declined on the day of iPhone launch, the exception being the 2007 launch event. In 2007, Apple stock rose 8.3%.

AAPL Apple Stock Forecast: Latest Stock Performance Updates

Positive Updates, Sep 13th, 2021

Motley Fool: Buy Apple

Jim Cramer: Buy Apple, Not Only Did Apple Win But Epic Games Lost Big

Can AAPL Stock Continue its Impressive Momentum?

Apple: We Respect The Path Of Least Resistance

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Dow Jones Futures Rally As Apple iPhone 13 Set To Debut

Watch these key levels in Apple stock ahead of big launch event, two traders say

Apple Stock Steadies as Street Sees Limited Impact From App Store Lawsuit Ruling

Apple’s stock expected to rise after launch event tomorrow

Negative/ Neutral Updates, Sep 13th, 2021

Apple App Store: The Tide Is Turning

🚨📉 Apple Stock: What Happened?! [Know This ASAP] // Apple Stock Price Update & Prediction, Sep 11th

AAPL Apple Stock Forecast: 12 months Forecast

12 month Apple Stock Forecast
$ 160
$ 157
$ 160
$ 158
$ 157

27 analysts recommend it as a Buy and 5 called the AAPL stock Overweight.

Apple Stock Forecast 2025

Tip Ranks: 12 month target of $ 157.88, Moderate buy

Marketbeat: 34 Wall Street analysts have issued an average twelve-month target of $149.50, average rating of buy

Yahoo Apple Stock Community Apple Stock Community

Tipranks: Bloggers’ Apple Stock Predictions

Why I just bought some shares of Apple Stock – Dr Boyce Watkins

AAPL Apple Stock Futures: Latest News Coverage

Positive News, Sep 13th, 2021

Factbox-What’s on tap at Apple’s ‘California streaming’ event?

How Much Apple Stock Do You Really Own?

Negative News, Sep 13th, 2021

Apple issues emergency software update after discovery of ‘zero click’ malware

Barrons: A Market-Beating Investor Sold Apple Stock to Buy Berkshire Hathaway. Here’s Why.

Apple Stock Price Forecast, today and 2022: AAPL rushing towards $ 150

AAPL Apple Stock Forecast: Sales Related Information

Yahoo: Apple Iphone 12 mini a flop as sales flounder

Ipad market share increased in Q1

Smartphone Sales have fallen in the last quarter

Latest App Store Sales Data

Initial Iphone 12 sales exceeds Iphone 11 sales

Iphone Sales to Cross $ 200 B in 2022?

Apple Laptop and Tablet Sales hit an all time high in India

Double Digit sales growth expected in China

Iphone 5G sales exploded in Japan

41 year history of the Apple Stock

A Lookback at Apple’s (AAPL) Trillion-Dollar Milestones

AAPL Apple Stock Forecast: Latest Results

Here are the latest Apple Results (SEC Filings)

AAPL Apple Stock Forecast, short and long term

Seeking Alpha: Massive profits ahead for Apple

My Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock price valuation

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