Best EV Stocks to buy in 2022: Which is the best?

Best EV Stocks to buy in 2022: Which is the best?

Here is a comparison of the Best EV Stocks to buy in 2022

Best EV Stocks to buy in 2022: Stock performance over time

Stock Name1 day5 day1 Month6 Months1 Year
Best EV Stocks to buy in 2022: Which is the best?

Best EV Stocks to buy in 2022: Technical Parameters for Each Stock

Stock NameLucid GroupFord MotorsNio IncTesla Inc
Market Price (22.12.2021)38.720.1429.851008.87
Pivot Points38.0319.5829.69921.38
Moving Average (50 days EMA)39.4618.636.23989.45
Moving Average (200 days EMA)29.0614.9737.67801.13

Best EV Stocks to buy in 2022: Financial Parameters for Each Stock

Stock NameLucid GroupFord MotorsNio IncTesla Inc
Earnings Per share-0.430.51-0.061.86
Revenue232 K35.68 Billion1.52 Billion13.76 Billion
Net Income(524.40  Million)1.83 Billion(441.93 Million)1.62 Billion
Profit Margin-226035.78%5.13%-29.16%11.76%
Total Assets6.14 Billion252.68 Billion10.68 Billion57.83 Billion
Total Liabilities1.29 Billion215.97 Billion6.39 Billion29.34 Billion
Debt to Assets21.08%85.47%59.8150.73%
Operating Cash Flow(736.79 Million)7.01 Billion335.83 Million  3.15 Billion
Investing Cash Flow(299.29 Million)(1.17 Billion)(2.1 Billion) (1.85 Billion)
Financing Cash Flow5.23 Billion(1.22 Billion) (1.32 Billion)(1.38 Billion)

Best EV Stocks to buy in 2022: Valuation of Each Stock

Stock NameLucidFord MotorsNioTeslaRivian
Price to Earnings Ratio19.54251.09
Price to Sales Ratio133.14K0.4211.0418.59
Enterprise Value26.27 B156.71 B52.07 B866.01 B93.11 B
Enterprise Value to EBITDA21.36121.03

Best EV Stocks to buy in 2022: Evaluation of each of the 4 Companies

Best EV stocks to buy: Lucid Group

SourceOverall Analysts’ ConsensusUpper RangeLower Range
CNN MoneyBuy$60$16
Best EV stocks to buy in 2022

Lucid last one-year performance

Lucid debuted on stock market on 11th January 2021 and touched level of $64 on 18th February. Then it has been underperforming in last six months. Looking at chart, $28.79 is the very strong support as it acted as strong resistance for couple of months and Lucid finally broke it on 28th October with a very bullish candle.

Lucid Group is hottest EV stock of the year. Lucid valuations skyrocketed within months after going public in June this year. Lucid has delivered on its promises and its first cars- the premium Lucid Air Dream Edition was delivered within the promised timeline and has a battery rating that beats Tesla. The company also bagged 2022 Motor Trend Car of the year award. Lucid also made it to the Nasdaq 100 index in December 2020.

Definitely there is element of risk while investing in Lucid but its cars are already out there on roads to see and it will soon start reporting revenue from fourth quarter. Lucid is planning to launch SUV gravity in 2023 and has global expansion plans that cannot be denied. Sky is the limit for Lucid if it comes clean from SEC probe which was launched in December 2021

The Lucid Air Is a Tesla-Rivaling Luxury Performance Sedan

YouTube video

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Best EV stocks to buy: Ford Motors

SourceOverall Analysts’ ConsensusUpper RangeLower Range
CNN MoneyBuy$25$12
Best EV stocks to buy in 2022

Ford Last one-year Chart

Ford consolidates for a while in one zone and then starts another rally. As can be seen from chart, on 25th October, it broke $16.52 with a gap up which acted as resistance since June and then it started moving upward. At present, it is again consolidating with $18.66 as strong support and $21.42 as strong resistance and if it breaks any one of two, it will start the trend.

While Lucid and Rivian are startups and they may be risky investments, Ford is a much safer bet. Ford has launched an EV version of the F 150.

While Ford has the F 150 truck, it also has the Mustang Mach-E SUV and the E transit cargo van. Among hybrid vehicles, there is Escape SE compact crossover. Ford is witnessing increase in demand for F-150 Lightning pickup trucks and revealed it has already 200,000 reservations as of Dec.3 and has sold 22,000 units of Mach- E year to date.

Definitely, Ford is not pure play EV company like Lucid and Rivian but Ford is ready to scale its EV production and has expertise to scale and that’s critical for growth of any industry especially considering EV market is very competitive and a new EV is coming almost every day.

Ford F150 Lightning Impressions: Better Than I Thought!

YouTube video

Best EV stocks to buy: Nio Inc

SourceOverall Analysts’ ConsensusUpper RangeLower Range
CNN MoneyBuy$87$45
Best EV stocks to buy

There is one word for Nio for 2021 and that is underperformance. It has been an unforgettable year for Nio and it has been in downtrend after achieving $67 level in the start of the year.

For Nio to bounce back in 2022, it should first achieve level of $31.88 and then only it can start moving upwards.

Ford and Lucid are primarily focused in US market where 328,000 electric vehicles were sold in 2020. But in comparison, 1.25 million electric vehicles were sold in China in 2020. NIO is a Chinese company.

How NIO Plans To Beat Tesla In China

YouTube video

Recently, on Dec 18, Nio unveiled mid-sized sedan, the ET5, and it comes with Nio’s latest autonomous driving technology. Nio has already started taking bookings for ET5 and promises to deliver it in September 2022. Also, its fourth flagship vehicle, ET7 sedan will be delivered by March end 2022 and its order booking will start in January. Both ET5 and ET7 comes with battery swapping and that gives buyers the option to buy a car at lower price and then subscribe to plans to charge and battery swap at Nio swapping station when needed.

There is lot to like about Nio Inc but its plan to enter outside China, in Germany and Netherlands in 2022 and ET5 and ET7 could potentially be path breaker for Nio, and can set new set of growth for Nio Inc.

Best EV stocks to buy: Tesla Inc

SourceOverall Analysts’ ConsensusUpper RangeLower Range
CNN MoneyBuy$1580$215
Best EV stocks to buy in 2022

The chart shows how beautifully the support and resistance levels are respected. $900 which acted as strong resistance in the month of January which taken out on 25th October with a strong bullish candle and since then it was moving upward till it touched $1200. But on downward journey from $1200 it again found support at $900 on 21st December and reversed from there. Going forward, $900 will act as very strong support and $1200 will act as very strong resistance.

It is important to understand that circumstances under which Tesla was created is totally different from present conditions and that makes life difficult for newer entrants like Lucid and Rivian’s. Tesla has had a headstart and a market share of 65%.

Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla?

YouTube video

Best EV stocks to buy: Rivian

SourceOverall Analysts’ ConsensusUpper RangeLower Range
CNN MoneyBuy$170$94
Best EV stocks to buy in 2022

While many vehicles are trying to build electric vehicles, but not many have kind of early success like Rivian had. While many companies have faced troubles delivering their first vehicles and many companies products have not performed as expected, Rivian not only delivered first pickup truck but also received very good response from media and users for its quality. Also company has 71,000 pre orders for its truck and SUV combined and also it had an initial order of 100,000 electric delivery vans from Amazon.

Also Rivian is backed by strong investors, Amazon holds roughly 20% stake in Rivian as of 30th September. Other notable investors include Ford Motors Company which now holds nearly 12% stake in Rivian. Rivian has a market capitalization of more than $80 billion. Although, initially vehicle sale will constitute majority of revenue, but company hopes to generate revenue from services including membership and software services. At this point, it seems Rivian will accomplish what it is hoping and stock price could surge further, however it is too early how this will play out amid fierce competition from players like Tesla and Ford while later is also planning to launch electric pickup trucks in the coming months.  

Best EV Stocks to buy: Conclusion

  • A long term investor looking for EV stock should first bet on Tesla, simply because in the near term no company is likely to beat Tesla. Further, Tesla is a BUY with very strong bullish trend and very strong financials.
  • Ford with its long automobile experience would be rated 2nd. The beautiful F-150 truck will ensure that it does not go out of market in coming decades.
  • Nio and Lucid are risker bets with little revenue to show in their balance sheet and a negative profit margin till today.

That said, a combination of all 4 stocks with bulk in Tesla, less than a quarter in FORD and less than 10% each in Nio and Lucid would be quite efficient

-Vineet Agarwal

Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Index or Individual Stocks. Please consult a registered investment advisor to guide you on your financial decisions.

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