Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH likely to rise above $1500 this year

Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH likely to rise above $1500 this year
Ethereum Price Prediction: Detailed analysis of Ethereum including how the price will play out this year and in the future. How low will the price be, when will it recover, and similar questions?

Ethereum Price Prediction 2022 is $1,548

Ethereum Price Prediction 2025 is $2,071

The current Outlook is Positive.

Ethereum Price Today:

Ether Usage Update

Transactions Value: YTD

After falling for most of the year, the Value of Transactions has risen from June 27th.

image 49
Source: Etherscan

Total Value Locked Statistics

TVL also appears to have stabilized over the last 10 days though this has not been a reliable indicator of Ethereum’s performance.

image 50
Source: Defillama

NFT Sales have also flattened after dropping for most of the year

Ethereum NFT Index
Source: Cryptoslam

Overall, Ethereum appears to have reached the bottom. It could still fall a little but is likely to recover over the next few weeks.

Ethereum Price Predictions: Expert Forecasts

Coinmarketcap Members forecast a price of $ 2529 by end of July

Altcoin Sherpa forecasts a low of $600

Finder’s expert poll claims Ethereum will touch $29k by 2030.

With the likely rise of Metaverse, DeFi, and Smart Contracts in mainstream businesses, the demand for Ethereum is likely to rise over the next 5 years.

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Ethereum Price Prediction 2022

Average ETH Price Prediction 2022$1,548

Ethereum Price Prediction 2023

Average Ethereum Price Prediction 2023$1,752

Ethereum Price Prediction 2025

The price of Ether is likely to rise in the year 2025 on the back of the continued adoption of smart contracts. It will also rise as metaverses are likely to boom on the back of better VR Glasses which are likely to be introduced in the second half of 2023. Facebook’s Meta is also likely to drive the increase in Metaverse subscriptions in the next 3 years.

Average Ethereum Price Prediction 2025$2,071

Ethereum Price Prediction 2030

Average Ethereum Forecast 2030$32,868

Is Ethereum a Good Investment?

Ethereum has had two-loss years since its launch (after a hard fork with ETC) in 2016. The losses came in 2018 and 2019, the years when the Federal Reserve reduced the size of its balance sheet. The losses in 2022 have also followed the same pattern.

Ethereum’s Price
Dec 31st, 2021$3683
Dec 31st, 2020$738
Dec 31st, 2019$130
Dec 31st, 2018$133
Dec 31st, 2017$757
Dec 31st, 2016$8

Ethereum Trends: $100 to $4800

PriceNumber of Days
$ 100May 18th, 2017
$ 20011 days
$ 400178 days
$ 80026 days
$ 16001143 days
$ 320058 days
All Time HIGH, $ 4859192 days

Ethereum Price Analysis: Last 12 Months

Ethereum like almost all cryptocurrencies is struggling this year. The crypto market cap is below $1 T and ETH has lost almost 70% of its market cap this year. Here is how Ethereum has performed this year:

  • Ethereum entered the new year valued at $3,683.05 and the price remained over $3000 until January 20th. On January 21st, the price of 1 ETH went below $3000 and by the end of January 2022, the price hit a low below $2500.
  • On the very first day of February, ETH recovered marginally and the price went over $2800. By the 5th of the month, ETH was once again over $3000. However, on February 11th, ETH’s price once again went below $3000 and remained below $3000 for the rest of the month.
  • The month of March did not come with good news for ETH. For the most part of the month, ETH’s price remained below $3000 but in the last week of March ETH was once again trading at over $3000. The month ended with ETH at over $3200.
  • The first half of April was marginally better as compared to March. The price of ETH was steady at over $3000. But in the second half, ETH’s price went below $3000 and for the rest of the month, the price hovered between $2700 and $3100. ETH was slightly over $2700 on the last day of April.
  • The worst phase for ETH and the overall crypto market started in May 2022. ETH price crashed and the price went below $2000 creating a major panic among the investors. ETH price remained below $2000 by the end of May.
  • The price retreat continued even in June. ETH went below $1000 triggering fear of the crypto future. ETH ended the month slightly over $1000.

Top reasons for Ethereum’s underperformance

  • Rising Inflation since November 2021 led to the Federal Reserve increasing rates which in turn reduced liquidity in the market
  • The Crash of LUNA in May led to a significant drop in trading of Alts many of which use the ERC-20 Token. This crashed the demand for ETH. The crash of Celsius and issues with 3AC also hurt sentiments and affected Ethereum’s price
  • Lastly, the delay in the Merge which would have improved Ethereum’s competitiveness was also a factor in hurting Ethereum’s price
Ethereum’s Performance
Last 5 days+6.6%
Last 30 days-37.8%
Year to Date-70.2%

Quick Summary of Ethereum’s position in the market

  • Market Cap: $137 Billion [Higher]
  • Rank amongst all Cryptocurrencies: 2nd
  • Competitors of ETH: Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot
  • Current Performance: Underperformer [Compared to Cardano]
  • % of Holders who are currently Profitable: 49%
  • Main Sources of Ethereum Value: ERC-20 Token Transactions, NFT Transactions

What is Ethereum and why is Ethereum Valuable?

  • Ethereum is a Blockchain-based on Proof of work. It expands on the Bitcoin Blockchain by building smart contract features that are cumbersome to execute on Bitcoin
  • ERC-20 is is a standard used on the Ethereum Blockchain to issue smart contracts in the form of Fungible Tokens. This standard can be used across a variety of products and services. Cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu are issued through ERC-20 Token.
  • ERC-721 is a standard to issue Non-Fungible Tokens

How does Ethereum become valuable?

  • Most Altcoins do not have blockchains of their own. Instead, they issue ERC-20 Tokens from the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum charges a gas fee in the form of Ether (Eth) cryptocurrency for using the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Metaverse: Almost all Metaverse platforms issue built on the Ethereum Blockchain. So while Ether itself is not used on
  • DeFi Tokens: Ethereum is a dominant player in this space with most Tokens and Apps built on Ethereum
  • Decentralized Apps (DApps) like Uniswap, Polymarket etc

In many ways, the cryptocurrency industry is dependent on the Ethereum Blockchain and its tokens for running their business. As the Industry matures, Ethereum and ETH tokens will continue to rise in demand and therefore value.

Ethereum Prediction: ETH Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Phenomenal Ecosystem of Developers and Apps
  • Most Altcoins issue ERC-20 Tokens which are based on the Ethereum Blockchain


  • Transaction speeds
  • Cost of transactions

Will Ethereum Recover?

As articulated earlier, Ethereum is in recovery mode (see chart below, last 17 days). While there are still some risks over the next 60 days, the chances of another low have diminished.

Screenshot 2022 07 05 at 10.14.33 AM

Crowdwisdom360 Insights: Will Ethereum go up?

Ethereum Forecast: Should you buy Ethereum now?

While Ethereum has been hammered in the short run, Ethereum offers great opportunity in the long run

  • Undisputed leader in the smart contracts space. One needs ETH to carry out transactions using Ethereum Layer-1 Blockchain
  • Ethereum is present on most Metaverse’s which is clearly going to be one of the biggest growth areas over the next few years
  • Most Altcoins use ERC Token framework, so as many Alts fail, the few that are left will continue to power Ethereum both in the short and long run

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Ethereum Price Prediction: Current Outlook

Overall OutlookPositive
1. Market’s WisdomPositive
1b. Market DataPositive
Market CapHigher
Trading VolumeHigher
1b. Technical RecommendationBuy
2. Crowd’s Wisdom Positive
2a. Crowd’s BuzzHigher
Google Search VolumesHigher
Social Media Buzz Higher
2b. Social Media SentimentHigher

Ethereum Price Prediction: Market Cap and Volume Data

Current Market Cap$137 BHigher
Volume Traded in Terms of $ Value$15 BHigher

Ethereum Price Prediction: Google Search Trends

The interest level on Google for Ethereum is higher than yesterday.

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Ethereum Price Prediction: Social Media Buzz

LunarCrush StatisticsVolume/ RankTrend
Social Mentions255 KHigher
Social Engagement506 MHigher

Ethereum Price Prediction: Social Media Sentiment

Last 7 DaysLast 24 HoursTrend
Net Social Media Sentiment ($ETH)+27.1%+36.6%Higher

Will Ethereum reach the price of Bitcoin?

At the moment we see no forecasts that suggest Ethereum will reach the price of Bitcoin anytime soon. It would depend completely on how the ecosystems evolve over the next few years and at the moment there is limited visibility on that.

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How Much is Ethereum worth in 2025?

On July 5th, 2022, Ethereum ETH is forecast to be worth $2,071 in the year 2025. Given the likely economic slowdown and reduced liquidity, past data shows us that Ethereum will rise gradually over the next 2 years before pumping higher in 2025. The factors that will drive growth in the next 3 years include increased liquidity and wider adoption of Metaverses on account of high-quality VR Glasses.

What will Ethereum be worth in 2030?

On July 5th, 2022, Ethereum ETH is forecast to be worth $32,868 in the year 2030. This is almost 31 times the current price of Ether. An investment of $40,000 today should be worth a Million Dollars in the year 2030. Ethereum’s Market Cap in 2030 is forecast to be 3.8 Trillion.

Ethereum is likely to reach that level through increased adoption of the Ethereum Blockchain across all facets of consumers and businesses. Contracts, Gaming, Finance, etc. There are numerous risks – Government regulation, Economic Disorder, and such. There is a high potential of risk in such investments and specifically Ethereum which has a patchy record in delivering returns.

How much will Ethereum be in 5 years?

In the year 2027, Ethereum is forecast to reach $12,078 which is nearly 10 times the current price. With the economic slowdown over and blockchain technology adoption rising, ETH will be well placed to pump between 2025 and 2030.

Why is Ethereum recovering?

  • The Ethereum Blockchain offers value to users and businesses and with the launch of the Merge sometime in August, this value will only increase.
  • Some of the tokens (Example Metaverse Tokens) it supports are themselves quite valuable to consumers. Even Meme coins like Shib are doing their best to add value to consumers.
  • So while it is possible that the ‘Crypto Winter’ will devastate many cryptocurrencies just like the ‘Dot Com Bust’, Ethereum along with a few will stand apart.
  • But it is important to realize that this recovery we are talking about is from the bottom which may be somewhere between $500 and $1000.
  • The Ethereum Merge in August will also help ETH gain market share from its leading rivals including Cardano and Solana

Current publicly available forecasts do not suggest Ethereum will go back up to 2021 levels anytime soon. This is primarily due to the following reasons

  • Lower liquidity on account of the Fed reducing the size of its balance sheet
  • Likely failure of some or many Alts in the next 3 months
  • General fear factor amongst those who may have lost significant money in the last few months

How to buy Ethereum?

Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Here are the steps to buy or Invest in Ethereum:

Requirements to buy Ethereum:

  1. Need to have a Crypto Exchange Account
  2. Need to Have a Crypto Wallet

Steps to Invest In Ethereum

  1. Choose a Crypto Exchange
  2. Create your account with the Crypto Exchange
  3. Fund Your Wallet
  4. Buy Ethereum
  5. Store

Ethereum can be purchased on the following websites/ apps –Coinbase, Binance, Robinhood,, Using a Decentralized Exchange, CEX.IO (Using a Credit or Debit Card), Kraken

Will Ethereum go up?

Ethereum Price Prediction

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