Ford Stock Forecast: Ford Motors Stock price is Bullish. Trades in red. will it reach $30 in 2022?

Ford Stock Forecast: Ford Motors Stock price is Bullish. Trades in red. will it reach $30 in 2022?
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Ford Stock Forecast, January 21st: For the next trading session, the stock price of Ford Motors is expected to trade between $ 17 and $ 22.5.

Current Outlook is Negative (Positive: 40%, Negative: 60%).

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Ford Motor Company is closed 3.56% lower at $21.65 in the last trading session

Share Volume
152 M
Average Share Volume
70.5 M
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Ford Stock Forecast

Ford Stock Forecast: Performance chart

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FORD Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary

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Ford Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

$ 19.09 (S3)
$ 24.11 (R1)
$ 15.08 (S3)
$ 19.50 (R1)

F Price Predictions – Ford Motor Stock Analysis for Friday, January 21st

Ford Stock Is Flying! | $F Stock Analysis | Stocks to buy now?

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Ford Stock Forecast: Latest Ford News and Tweets

$F Here's the chart:
50 day line at $20.94.
The chart is still bullish
The stock had charged ahead on momentum.
And is checking back to the line before moving up again. 💟


Originally tweeted by Manasa Hegde (@ManasaHegde19) on January 21, 2022.

$F I believe we bounce up off the 50 SMA at open today. We get the gap fill down that we needed and can rocket again. On the daily 4 hour chart the 13 SMA is still significantly above the 48 SMA which is bullish. On the 5 minute chart it is just dipped below. We’re good!

Originally tweeted by Theresa Perrin (@theresa_perrin) on January 20, 2022.

Latest Ford News

What Is Ford Stock’s Outlook For 2022?

Ford Stock Forecast: Sentiment Analysis

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Ford Stock Forecast: Earnings Update

  • Ford Motors announced Q3 results on 27th October 2021 and results were better than street expectations on so many grounds and as a result stock has skyrocketed since then and has moved 30 percent upside in last 12 days.
  • Ford earning per share stood at 51 cents versus 27 cents expected. Revenue from automotive segment was $33.21 billion whereas $32.54 billion was expected. Its net income was $1.8 billion, which saw a decline of 25 percent compared to the same period a year earlier.
  • Ford upgraded its full year adjusted earnings guidance to between $10.5 billion and $11.5 billion, whereas its earlier guidance was between $9 billion and $10 billion. Ford maintained its adjusted free cash flow outlook for the year between $4 billion and $5 billion.
  • Ford’s monthly sales saw a rebound in October. Overall US sales came at 175,918 which was down by 4 percent YoY but saw a significant improvement from September sales of 156,614 vehicles
  • SUV sales in October were highest in 21 years and were up by 17.4 percent YoY thanks to Bronco and Mustang Mach E models. Ford was highest automaker seller for second month in row in US and definitely stock rose as an after effect of these combined news.

Catalysts for Future Growth

There are number of catalysts which are going to not only keep Ford on track but will give a big boost in near future. They are listed below-

  • Ford backed EV start up Rivian set to go public with implied valuation of $106.6 billon. Ford holds 12 percent stake in Rivian. Ford executives have termed Rivian partnership as very strategic for company’s growth.
  • Ford announced deal with battery partner SK innovation on 28th September to build new EV and battery plants. The deal is worth $11.4 billion and they seek to challenge rival Tesla with in house battery production.
  • The new “mega sites” are expected to produce electric version of F series trucks of Ford and also make batteries for Lincoln electric vehicles.
  • On 22nd September, Ford signed deal with Redwood Materials to recycle materials from used battery packs. As a result, stock was lifted by 4 percent.
  • Ford and Walmart announced testing of autonomous vehicle delivery services on 15th September in three cities. The plan is to deploy Ford Escape Hybrid SUV augmented with Argo AI technology for the purpose. It is noteworthy that Ford invested $1 billion in Argo in 2017.
  • Ford motors is set to offer a $2.5 billion worth of unsecured green bonds to investors. Ford launched sustainable financial framework and plans to buy back higher price debt.
  • Ford plans to allocate the proceeds from bond offerings having a 3.25 percent coupon rate to fund investment in battery electric vehicle portfolio. Similar approach is adopted by various US companies and have raised $58.6 billion in 90 offerings.

Final Take on Ford Motors

Ford Motors has been outstanding as a stock in last one and half year since March 2020 when it touched a bottom of $4.3. It has touched $20 dollars for the first time since 2001 and that speaks volume of its what has gone behind the scenes in last several years to take that uplift.

Recently company has faced various issues like chip supply, wage labor, manpower shortage but a good company takes everything in its stride to leap towards future growth. Ford has invested heavily on EVs and its partnership with Rivian takes that a step forward. Also deal with Walmart and SK innovation only uplifted morale of investors.

Ford is all set to take a giant step in near future with its expansionary plans and stock if not a multibagger is expected to give decent returns in couple of years.                

Vineet Agarwal

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