GME STOCK FORECAST: $GME Rises, however volatility continues because of GameStop Stock Split

GME STOCK FORECAST: $GME Rises, however volatility continues because of GameStop Stock Split

GME Stock Forecast: Short-term forecast is to Sell the stock

Today Overall Outlook is Neutral

2 Analysts

GME Latest Price

Share Volume4.25 M
Forward P/E 1 Year-22.65

GME Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary

Momentum IndicatorsIndicator direction
1. Market DataNegative
1a. PriceHigher
1b. Technical IndicatorsSell
1c. VolumeLower
2. Crowd’s WisdomMarginally Positive
2a. Google Search VolumeHigher
2b. Net SentimentSteady

GME Stock Forecast : Technical Analysis


GME Stock Forecast : CrowdWisdom360-Insights

  • GME announced its next quarterly earnings report on March 21, 2022. Analysts predicted $0.78 earnings per share (EPS), with year-over-year EPS growth of -$1.77 in 2022 and -$0.82 in 2023. For the two years, these values reflect EPS increases of 17.30% and 53.70%, respectively.
  • With a low of $2.15 billion and a high of $2.38 billion, revenue is expected to be $2.25 billion. In comparison to the same quarter a year ago, the consensus prediction has sales growth narrowing down to 6.10 percent.
  • Chairman Ryan Cohen purchased a total of 100,000 shares of Gamestop, increasing his ownership to nearly 12%. This act caused a hike in GME shares.
  • With the aim of launching a NFT marketplace, Gamestop partnered with Loopring and used their Layer 2 Technology. The users will benefit from the low gas cost and high security level.
  • Being a meme stock, Gamestop has managed to capture attention of various Reddit platforms resulting in increase of stock price.
  • Gamestop announced that they will be splitting their stock. They want shareholder approval to expand the amount of Class A common stock from 300 million to 1 billion shares. Right after the stock-split news, the shares of GME fell.
  • The annual shareholders meeting for discussing the stock split may likely be held in the month of June.
  • Gamestop has launched their own wallet for Cryptocurrencies and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). According to GME, the new wallet feature can be added as an extension on the browser. Gamers can now store, send and receive NFT and Crypto without having to leave their web browser screen.
  • GME’s new wallet is a hot topic on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.
  • Gamestop also has another upcoming development in the NFTs zone. They are planning to launch a NFT marketplace by the second quarter of this fiscal year.
  • Currently the short-term recommendation is to sell this stock.

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GME Stock Forecast: Google Trends

The search trend for GME has been fluctuating for the past few days. Currently, it is higher compared to 24 hours ago. A downward shift can be expected in the next few hours.

July 28th20
July 27th16

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