HCWB Stock Forecast: HCWB Crashes by 5%, closes below $ 4.5

HCWB Stock Forecast: HCWB Crashes by 5%, closes below $ 4.5

HCWB Stock Forecast for next 24 hours is to trade between $3.71 and $4.50. The overall recommendation is BUY.

HCW Biologics Inc (HCWB: NYSE) Latest Price for 30.10.2021: HCWB closed 5.50 percent down from previous day closing at $4.47.

HCWB Stock Forecast: Performance Chart

Stock Name1 Day5 Day1 MonthYTD1 Year
HCW Biologics Inc-5.37%78.09 %40.13%-29.05%-29.05%

HCWB Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

Investing$ 4.09(S3)$4.64(R1)Buy

HCWB Stock Forecast: Latest News

HCW Biologics Shares Drop 14% After Thursday Rise

HCWB Stock: The Big FDA News That Has HCW Biologics Booming Today

HCWB Stock Forecast: Latest Video

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YouTube video

HCWB Stock Forecast: HCW Biologics Background

Everyone in this world loves to remain young and agile with passing age. Moreover, cancer and other chronic diseases have become a headwind for every Government around the world planning for state health insurance for its citizens. Here, HCW Biologics comes in the picture

HCW Biologics Inc headquartered in USA and is immunotherapy company developing novel therapeutics designed to delink low grade inflammation and age related disorders. The field is known as inflammaging, targets the unresolved inflammatory responses, low grade inflammation associated with increasing age and known for contributing significantly towards cancer and several other chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autoimmune disease.

The efforts of HCW’s are mainly concentrated around developing Tissue FactOr-Based Fusion (TOBI) platform to design multi-functional fusion protein molecules and protein complexes. The technology employs a Tissue Factor(TF) scaffold to target desired immune responses and inhibit unwanted inflammation.

HCW Biologics Journey Starts:

  • Investors in the firm have invested $31.6 million in equity investment and include Medmira Capital, HCW Partners, Axone Capital among others.
  • The market for leukemia therapeutics was $12.3 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $17.1 billion by 2024.
  • The company finally sold 7,000,000 shares of common stock at IPO of $8.00 per share for gross proceeds of $56 million.
  • Director and existing shareholders including CEO, CFO and CSO has indicated an interest in purchasing up to $11.3 million worth of shares or 20 percent of the deal.

HCW Biologics Fundamentals:

  • HCW Biologics net income has always been negative since its inception in 2018.
  • The net income varied from -2.38 million in March 2020 to -2.75 million in June 2021.
  • Company has never been profitable, but profit does not seem to be correlated with the share price and stock has given 40.13 percent return in last one month.
  • The company financials although seems to be not in line in the expectations of investors, but company has made huge strides in its development and is working on a novel cause and that is enough to attract the risk taking investors.

Big FDA News that Made HCWB Stock Booming:

  • HCW Biologics stock rocketed higher on Thursday due to recent update from US food and Drug Administration(FDA)
  • FDA gave company go ahead for a clinical trial in relation to Phase 1B testing of drug candidate HCW9218 in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.
  • HCW9218 is HCW Biologics lead drug candidate and it will be its first use in humans. It is fusion protein complex that will attack cancer cells and also block unwanted immunosuppressive activities.
  • In preclinical studies, HCW9218 enhanced the anti-tumor efficacy of chemotherapy docetaxel against cancer. In experimental animal models, HCW9218 shown to augment checkpoint antibodies, which are standard of care anti-cancer treatment for certain solid tumors.
  • The FDA news also saw HCWB trading heavily on Thursday. More than 98 Million shares were exchanged and HCWB stock made a high of $7.05 which is more than 150 percent higher than previous day closing of $2.92.

Future Outlook of HCW Biologics

  • Company has made brilliant start in its journey to serve human race by getting FDA approval for clinical trials of its drug candidate HCW9218.
  • But, much remains to be unfolded in coming months, when this drug will get final approval for human use. Till now, it has only been tested on animals and it has long way to go till it is started being injected on human body.
  • The company has never been profitable in any quarter, but that can be sidelined for any research intensive company, because it takes years to convert research into profit.
  • But once profit starts reflecting in balance sheet for pharmaceutical company, it accelerates at an unprecedented pace and makes up for the loss of years.
  • Shareholders of unprofitable company always look for growth in the revenue, although it has not been the case for HCW Biologics but they are at doorstep to turn the tide in their favor in the coming months.
HCWB Stock Forecast: HCWB Crashes by 5%, closes below $ 4.5

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