LUCID Stock Forecast: LCID Underperforms NASDAQ but Sentiment Improves Substantially

LUCID Stock Forecast: LCID Underperforms NASDAQ but Sentiment Improves Substantially
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LUCID Stock Forecast: For the next 24 hours, the stock price of Lucid Inc is predicted to trade between $ 48 and $ 55. The Overall recommendation for next 24 hours is Buy.

3 out of 3 Momentum Indicators are Positive

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LUCID Stock Forecast: Latest Price

LCID is trading 1.91% higher at $ 53.99 in the current trading session

Share Volume
92 M
Average Share Volume
75 M
Forward PE (1 Year)
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LUCID Stock Forecast: Performance chart

Stock Name
1 day
5 day
1 Month
1 Year

LUCID fell in final 2 hours of trading on Tuesday but recovered somewhat. The stock has solid support to keep going higher

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Lucid Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary

Technical Indicator
Social Media Buzz Momentum

LUCID Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

$ 52.0 (S3)
$ 55.6 (R1)
$ 45 (S3)
$ 55(R1)

LCID Stock (Lucid Motors) Price Predictions | Trading Strategy For Wednesday!

LUCID Stock Forecast: Latest News and Crowd’s Tweets

Originally tweeted by Che Trades (@Che_Trades) on December 1, 2021.


Eyeing for calls above 57 with a PT of 62. One of the stronger charts today.


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LUCID Stock Forecast: Social Media Sentiment

Social Media Sentiment Period
Positive Sentiment
Negative Sentiment
Sentiment Trend
Last 7 days
Last 24 hours

LUCID Stock Forecast: Latest Crowds Video


LUCID Stock Forecast: Background

Lucid Group Inc is an American electric vehicle manufacturing company headquartered in California. It was formerly known as Atieva. The company was founded in 2007. It originally focused on manufacturing electric vehicle batteries and power trains for another vehicle manufacturer.

LUCID Stock Forecast: LUCID Gains Over 25% in Last 5 Days

LUCID Stock Forecast: Lucid Goes Public with SPAC

In February, Churchill Capital IV- a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC)- announced that they are evaluating Lucid Motors at $24 billion dollars and are planning to take the company public.

The SPAC is blank cheque companies that have no assets other than cash and they merge with private companies and take those companies public.

It is noteworthy that Lucid Motors began trading on July 26 under the ticker symbol LCID on Nasdaq. Opening day, the stock made more than a 10 percent jump and got noticed by every short-term trader. But it has been a sloppy journey since then for the stock until last week when a plan for the first sedan by the company” Lucid Air Model” delivery schedule was announced.

Lucid Delivers on its Promises

The company’s critics are pointing to the $44 billion market cap as being extremely overvalued considering that it has just started producing and delivering vehicles, but lot of credit needs to be given to Lucid to keep its goals and targets intact and deliver on the said target.

Delivery of the first electric vehicle is a very small event for a country like the United States, but when an upcoming company delivers on its promises, it gives a lot of confidence to long-term investors.

Lucid is a perfect example of separating a company’s performance and stock price movement. While the stock price is moving all over the place, making a high of $64 and a low of $9 over the last few months, the company itself has been a pinnacle of consistency.

Lucid journey over the past year started from expanding the Arizona manufacturing facility, then it went public with Churchill Capital IV, got Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ratings, and finally opened a store in Vancouver in mid-October.

In short, it has done everything it said it was going to do this year, which is very important for a young company trying to prove itself.

Future Outlook for the Lucid Motors Group Inc

  • Although, the company was rebranded in 2016, it is only few months since this stock has come into limelight.
  • The company growth has been promising on every front, starting from obtaining Environmental Protection Agency ratings to delivering its first sedan” Lucid Air Model”.
  • In 2022, company plans to mass produce Lucid Air Touring and Lucid Air Pure, two lower end models that are meant to be more price competitive with other luxury cars.
  • Company has ticked all the boxes in 2021 and completes 2021 on a high note. But just like 2021, 2022 is also filled with promises to lure investors and it is going to be a big test for company to live up to the expectations.
  • Lucid has shown what a good managed company can deliver in a short span of time, meanwhile raising the bars for itself and other competitors in the EV space.
  • Long term investors always look for well managed companies, and Lucid has all the traits to be in that line, but much remains to be unfolded in the near future and that will decide the course of journey for its stock and company itself

Vineet Agarwal

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