Moderna Stock Forecast: The stock declines 3% after surging 12% in the previous session. The outlook turns negative.

Moderna Stock Forecast: The stock declines 3% after surging 12% in the previous session. The outlook turns negative.

Moderna Stock Forecast, February 28th: The stock is predicted to trade between $ 131 and $ 159 in the next 24 hours. The Overall Recommendation for the next 24 hours is SELL.

3 out of the 3 Momentum Indicators are Negative. None of the Momentum Indicators are Positive.

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Moderna Inc Latest Price Shares of Moderna closed 3.14% lower at $151.33 in the last trading session.

Share Volume7.8 MNA
Average Share Volume8.8 MNA
Forward PE (1 Year)5.79NA

MRNA Moderna Stock Forecast: Performance Chart

Stock Name1 day5 days1 Month1 Year
Moderna Inc-3.14%2.56%1.82%-3.86%

Moderna Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary


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Moderna Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

Investing$ 125 (S3)$ 162 (R1)Sell
Bar chart$ 137 (S3)$ 156 (R1)Sell

Moderna, Pfizer: Expect vaccine stock volatility in 2022

Moderna Stock Forecast: Latest News and Tweets

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$MRNA nice push on earnings and the market. If $152 holds then it has room to $169 then $177, otherwise re-test $147 and $140. #charts

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How much Moderna stock Stephane Bancel owns and his …

Moderna Stock Forecast: Technical chart Analysis Latest Videos

Stocks: Moderna rises on vaccine sales forecast, eBay slips …

Stocks: Moderna rises on vaccine sales forecast, eBay slips on earnings outlook, Alibaba falls

Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi and Julie Hyman discuss earnings reports from Moderna, eBay, and Alibaba. JULIE HYMAN: Let’s move on to earnings and just zoom through them a little more quickly than we normally do, because everything going on. Brian, I want to start with Moderna.

MRNA Moderna Stock Forecast: Sentiment Analysis

DaysPositiveNegativeNet Sentiment
7 days5.6%29.7%-24.1%
1 Day4.5%38.1%-33.6%

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MRNA Moderna Stock Forecast: Recent Developments

The company announced the commencement of the third phase of the clinical trial to assess its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine prospect. This came after Moderna embarked on a phase 3 trial for its CMV vaccine candidate a few months ago. RSV is a typical, seasonal respiratory virus that causes cold symptoms and is more likely to become severe in minors and more aged adults. The investigation is anticipated to test the experimental vaccine in about 34,000 adults below the age of 60 years. The CEO of the company Stéphane Bancel said in the latest press release that their ultimate goal is to combine their RSV vaccine with COVID-19 and flu boosters into a single-dose booster. 

Moderna Flu Vaccine mRNA-1010 Effectiveness Against Flu

  • Moderna received a jolt on Friday as its share price fell by more than 14% after first human trails results of its experimental flu shot fell short of Wall Street’s expectations. The Moderna shot raised antibodies only as much as already available high dose of from Sanofi.
  • While market expected positive results from trail and was betting for large scale trails in 2022 and potential quick path to regulatory approval, but investors learned that just because a vaccine is made from messenger RNA, it does not mean that it will always produce miraculous results.
  • Moderna initial flu vaccine mRNA-1010 only combines existing four strain flu shots with no new components or flu strains and going forward it will be the key to make it more effective as compared to what is being circulated currently in the world.
  • Also, the such negative reaction is justified for MRNA as data from phase I is not only “ok” but it also points towards worse side effects. It illustrates that how difficult it will be for Moderna to expand its business beyond Covid -19 Vaccine.
  • Moderna executives called on investors to be more patient amid sharp sell off on Friday and said that antibodies increased to good levels and it may be limited because of population previous exposure to flu strains, and data on full immune response including T-cells, would better measure the effectiveness of their candidate.
  • As per company’s CEO Stephane Bancel vaccine is already matching the strongest shots in the market and they are committed to developing a shot combining Covid boosters with flu shots.
  • Early stage study, testing the vaccine in 180 subjects and mid stage study testing it against already approved flu vaccine is underway and results are expected in early 2022. Noteworthy, shares of BioNTech, also developing mRNA based influenza vaccine were down by 8% on Friday.

Moderna Vaccine Impact on Omicron

  • Moderna Inc is a leading Covid-19 vaccine producer and company’s fortunes have taken 180 degree turn after success of its Spikevax vaccine last year. Moderna has proven its technology and manufacturing capability. The company sees itself as next gen biotech platform technology company.
  • Moderna faces tough competition from Pfizer/BioNTech partnership vaccine Comirnaty which has delivered 2.1 billion doses against Moderna’s 568 million doses in early November. But, Omicron has threatened the efficacy of these vaccines including Moderna’s. 
  • Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel is not optimistic regarding effectiveness of existing vaccines against Omicron and predicts that pharma companies can take several months to manufacture variant specific Jabs at scale.
  • According to him, Omicron virus has high number of mutations on the spike protein, which the virus uses to infect human cells and its rapid spread in South Africa indicates that vaccines needs to be modified to be effective against this variant.
  • However, Bancel said that scientists around the globe are more worried as 32 out of 50 mutations in Omicron are on spike protein which makes the job difficult for current vaccines and most experts thought that such highly mutated virus would not emerge for at least another two years.

Moderna FY 22 Outlook and Study of University of Oxford

  • Study led by University of Oxford found that Moderna’s vaccine found the first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or AstraZeneca vaccine was more effective than two doses of other two vaccines.
  • The study results are not likely to benefit Moderna in countries will high vaccination levels, for example US has vaccinated 60% of its population and in European Union 66% of the people are vaccinated.
  • But the data will work in Moderna’s favour in less vaccinated countries like South Africa and countries allowing mix and match boosters to prefer Moderna’s Spikevax after receiving first dose from any other vaccine.
  • Moderna presented strong FY22 guidance in its FQ3 earnings call. It guided revenue between $17B to $22B including $17B of signed Advanced Purchase Agreements (APA). The decision to supply African Union at much lower price point has however affected its revenue guidance.

Final Take on Moderna Inc Stock.

  • MRNA stock’s incredible ascent since August has been met by regular waves of selling, and stock has been struggling to maintain its upward trend but has given YTD gain of more than 60%.
  • Discovery of Omicron has thrown challenges on all vaccine manufacturers and Moderna is no exception to that. There is mix of positive and negative news for Moderna Inc that has been struggling to keep pace with the evolving situations around the globe.
  • Moderna CEO has taken a practical stance on the vaccine front for Omicron and is not too optimistic about the timeline and effectiveness for existing vaccines on Omicron.
  • So, Moderna is definitely is news driven stock with a positive news sending the stock up by 5 percent and a negative news sending the stock down by nearly 10 percent. It is a high beta stock reacting more prominently to day today news about corona virus.
  • Results of more study for Omicron and impact of Moderna’s flu vaccine will start coming in early 2022 and that is going to impact Moderna in a major way.
  • At present, Moderna is a budding company having a head start in pharmaceutical space, but it needs to constantly evolve to survive among tough competition by its peers.

Moderna Stock Forecast: Latest Crowd Videos

What the Moderna share price reveals about vaccines

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Moderna Inc Background

Moderna Inc is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, focusing on RNA therapeutics and primarily mRNA vaccines. Molecule messenger RNA (mRNA) is used by these vaccines to produce an immune response. The company’s commercial product includes the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. The company has 23 other treatment and vaccine candidates out of which 15 have entered clinical trials. Vaccine candidates include HIV, influenza, a combined single shot for COVID-19 booster, and two cancer vaccines.

The former company’s name was ModeRNA Therapeutics (2010-2018). In 2018, the company rebranded as “Moderna Inc” and further increased its portfolio. In December 2018, Moderna went public with the largest biotech IPO raising $621 million (27 million shares at $23 per share)

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