NAKD Stock Forecast 2022: What to expect?

NAKD Stock Forecast 2022: What to expect?
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NAKD Stock Forecast 2022: What’s ahead for NAKD in 2022


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NAKD Stock Forecast 2022: Revenue and Earnings

Summary of NAKD’s latest financials

$ 52.3 M
Net Income
-44.63 M
Cash in Hand
$ 65 M
EPS (Basic)
$ 0.41

NAKD Stock Forecast 2022: Overview of the Stock Performance

Market Cap
$ 695 Million
Enterprise Value
$ 417 Million
Average Volume
63 Million
52 Week Range
$ 3.07-$ 51.00
EPS (ttm)
PB Ratio
50 Day Moving Average
200 Day Moving Average
Current ratio
Earnings Yield

NAKD Stock Forecast 2022: Outlook for 2022

In 2022, Cenntro is planning to deliver 20,000 units of logistar 200, a European-focused delivery van. This deliveries alone will yield a revenue of over $ 500 million dollars. Cenntro is also focussed on launching new models and anticipates explosive growth in the next 2 years with a target of $2.1 Billion revenue.

The company is likely to announce their next quarterly report on December 20, The company and the investors believe it will get better reports than the current quarter results despite of having issues with the debt.

NAKD Stock Forecast 2022: Analyst’s Opinion

Based on Analysts estimation of fundamental intrinsic valuation, NAKD Brand’s future price could yield a significant profit. There has been an above average risk tolerance in Holding NAKD Shares considering the high volatility since last 90 days, but analysts believe it is still in merging stage and the company will grow more in the upcoming years.

Analysts predict the NAKD Stock price for the next 12 months with a higher price of $6.32 and lower price of $3.3.

NAKD Stock Forecast 2022: Analyst’s Target Price

The recent consensus of analysts on NAKD, The share price for short-term is a downtrend, And the target price would be $2. As of on Jan 13 2022, NAKD is trading at $2.61, The possible nearest targets would be $2.38 and $2.84 as the lowest and highest price targets respectively.

Based on the chart movement (5-15min) and pivot point levels, The intra day price targets if the momentum is in downtrend $2.38, $2.45, $2.3 and if the momentum is in uptrend the price targets are $2.84, $2.91, $3.22

Uptrend and Downtrend Price Targets :

$2.3 – $2.45
$2.91 – $3.22
$2.81 – $3.4
$5.07 – $6.5
$2.1 – $1.63
$7.92 – $10.48

NAKD Stock Forecast 2022: BUY, SELL OR HOLD?

As of on 14th January,2022 The stock price is $2.61. The stock is continuing to trade in red from last 5 days. NAKD has lost it’s value about -62.31% over the past month. The stock has broken lower in the short-term and has been trending lower. It is rated as Sell at the Moment

Screenshot 2022 01 14 at 10.21.12 AM


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As of on January 14, 2022 Cenntro electric group announced it’s change of ticker symbol from NAKD to CENN. They announced that the company has changed the trading symbol to strengthen the recognition and visibility with the investors and share holders. The Company’s ordinary shares will be continued to listed on nasdaq and the CUSIP number remains unchanged.

Cenntro Electric Group Launched ann automated vehicle iChassis at CES 2022, it is a fully digitalized proprietary driving control system, it is designed for the last mile delivery support. the iChassis ca be operated by cenntro smart app. CEO of Cenntro Group peter wang said, iChassis is a revolutionary in logistic management and municipal services with better efficient in both time and money.

To avoid delisting, The NAKD company made it self as as De-facto special purpose acquisition company(SPAC) in the end of 2021. An SPAC is generally a company with no commercial operations and formed only to raise the capital through initial public offering . 

As per the press release On December 31,2021 Naked Brand completely acquires cenntro automotive group (CAG), The combined company is to be led by the CEO of the cenntro Group peter wang and the Naked’s former chairman Justin-Davis-Rice will be as a board member of the combined company.

-Rakesh Atla

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