Netflix Stock Forecast 2023: Is NFLX a Buy or a Sell?

Netflix Stock Forecast 2023: Is NFLX a Buy or a Sell?

Netflix Stock Forecast 2023: NFLX Stock is technically bullish. Netflix Stock Prediction for the 12 months is $319.

Netflix Stock Latest Price

Netflix Stock Performance, last 12 Months

  • Last 1 Month
    • Netflix: +2.3%, NASDAQ: -1.6%
  • Last 6 Months
    • Netflix: +77.4%, NASDAQ: -4.3%
  • Last 12 Months
    • Netflix: -39.1%, NASDAQ: -28.1%

NETFLIX Stock Forecast for next 12 Months: Analysts

Average Netflix Stock Forecast for next 12 Months$319
Evercore ISI$340
New Street Research$304
Morgan Stanley$275

Netflix Technical Analysis

Netflix has been one of the best-performing stocks in the last 6 months. NFLX has witnessed a surge of over 70% in the last 6 months. In comparison, the NASDAQ 100 has fallen around 6.5% in the last 6 months. However, NFLX is trading over 50% lower than its 52-week high price. The 52-week high price of Netflix was $563.36 while the 52-week low price of Netflix is $162.71.

The shares of Netflix started to crash from the mid of November 2021. Netflix was then priced over $690. The crash was brutal and by the end of January 2022, NFL was below $350. NFLX witnessed a major crash in the month of May 2022 when Netflix shares went below $170. The reversal in the NFLX share price started in mid-July 2022. At the time of writing NFLX is above $300 and nearing $350.

Performance on the last Trading Day

  • Open Price: $315.78
  • Close Price: $342.5
  • Gain/Loss: +8.46%
  • Overall Market Cap: $152,023,450,955

Understanding Netflix Stock Price WRT Technical Indicators

image 463

On the above 4-hour timeframe chart, Netflix is bullish. Netflix shares have been surging and almost all the technical indicators are in favor of the further surge in Netflix share price. The chart above shows that the net NFLX price is moving above both the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. This is an encouraging indication for both short-term and long-term investors.

The first level of support for NFLX is $318.52. The first resistance for NFLX is $352.

The RSI chart shows Netflix is over brought. The RSI has retreated a couple of times testing the over-purchased margin. The bears have tried to short the stock but in the last few days, the bulls are driving the NFLX price. The RSI is 66.87 and it is set to enter the overbought territory. A retreat may take place one the RSI enters the overbought zone.

image 231

The Stochastic RSI is throwing a bullish sentiment and the suggestion is a buy. On the MACD chart, the MACD series proper (blue line) has crossed the 9-day SMA line (orange) from below and is moving higher. The MACD line is within the bullish zone and it is a Buy signal. The trading volume is rising with more buyers flocking to buy Netflix shares.

  • RSI: Buy
  • Stoch RSI: Overbought
  • MACD: Buy
  • Moving Averages: Buy
  • Overall: Moderate Buy

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NETFLIX Stock Price Prediction for Next 5 years (Aggregated)

Netflix Stock Price Prediction 2023 is $499

Netflix Stock Price Prediction 2024 is $590

Netflix Stock Price Prediction 2025 is $860

Netflix Stock Price Prediction 2026 is $995

Netflix Stock Price Prediction 2027 is $1061

NETFLIX Stock Forecast 2023: Key Ratios

  • PE Ratio: 28.3 (Tesla: 34.9)
  • Price to Free Cash Flow: 197 (Tesla: 39.5)
  • Price to Book ratio: 6.84 (Tesla: 8.8)
  • EV/ EBITA: 7.2 (Tesla 21.1)
  • ROCE: 15.3% (Tesla 30.6%)
Netflix stock forecast

-Vineet Agarwal

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