NVIDIA Stock Forecast: NVDA falls again as volatile trading continues

NVIDIA Stock Forecast: NVDA falls again as volatile trading continues
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NVDA Stock Forecast: Highlights
NVIDIA Stock Forecast: Shares of NVDA are expected to trade between $268.1 and $288.2. The overall recommendation is Buy.
-The average 12-month target for NVDA is $359.
-Positives: Recent hike in price target, Strong balance sheet
-Negatives: decrease in demand of GPUs.

Latest NVIDIA stock price

Share Volume
44 M
Forward PE (1 Year)

Nvidia Stock Forecast: Competition Analysis

Stock Name
Performance in last 6 months
Performance in last 1 month
Zacks Ratings
Price Target for 12 months
Zacks Industry Rank
Top 12%
Bottom 37%
Top 11%
Texas Instruments
Top 11%
Bottom 37%

NVIDIA Stock Forecast: Performance chart

NVDA has outperformed peers in the last few weeks in spite of volatile trading over the last few days. Analysts predict the stock will rise nearly 40% over the next 12 months. Today’s Fed minutes will set the tone for NVDA for the next 2 weeks.

5 days
1 Month

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NVIDIA Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary

Performance versus Peers (Last 5 Days)
Google Search
Social Media Sentiment

NVIDIA Stock Forecast: Google Search Trend

Google Search volume for NVDA stock was lower than yesterday.

April 5th, 3 AM ET
April 6th, 3 AM ET
Google Search Index

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NVDA Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

Latest NVDA Technical Analysis Video

NVIDIA Stock Forecast: CrowdWisdom360-Insights

  • Nvidia’s stock has been on a roller coaster ride recently. Nvidia’s stock is down 4% year to date, but it has soared 119% in the last 12 months.
  • Recently, The demand for consumer GPUs is slowed down, as a result the consumer GPU inventories continued to increase. This doesn’t seems to be good for the company.
  • Recently, Nvidia and Kroger, the nation’s largest grocer, have established a strategic partnership to redefine the shopping experience via the use of AI-enabled products and services.
  • Nvidia revealed the Grace Central Processing Unit (CPU) Superchip at its latest developer conference, which is aimed for the high-performance computing (HPC) sector and AI data centres. This chip, according to Nvidia, combines two networked server CPUs and is capable of “delivering twice the memory bandwidth and energy efficiency compared other leading chips in the market.”
  • In the recent GTC event, CEO Jensen Huang states that, The Omniverse can be viewed as a virtual playground in which robots can be trained to do certain tasks in the actual world. This will be one of the company’s most significant graphics opportunities.
  • Since a year, NVDA had phenomenal growth. which has more than doubled in a year. Analyst feel this growth will continue and stated that “NVIDIA seems to be well for AI and high-performance computing applications because of its new hardware technology, which is backed by strong ecosystem growth and new software infrastructure.”
  • The stock is still expensive, however investors are more intrested in this stock because of it’s growth metrics. Considering all the parameters the recommendation is to buy this stock.
  • Zaks investment analysts rated this stock as a buy.

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NVIDIA Stock Forecast: Latest NVDA News and Tweets

NVIDIA Stock Prediction: Social Media Sentiment

Last 7 Days
Last 24 hours
Net Sentiment

NVDA Stock Forecast: Omniverse Platform and Metaverse Opportunity.

  • Omniverse is Nvidia’s answer to booming opportunity of Metaverse- a virtual world to allow people engage and communicate with one another using augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.
  • Omniverse is like a replication engine for training robots, augmenting real world data and simulating the real world functionaries. One of the features of metaverse is using avatars that will replicate yourself in front of others and Nvidia is offering Omniverse avatars for this.
  • During the earnings call, Huang claimed annual license fee of $1000 per user to use Omniverse. There is expected to be around 40 million designers around the world, that will sour the revenue from Omniverse to around $40 billion in coming years.
  • The $40 billion figure excludes the sales of GPUs users will have to buy for their PCs to run Omniverse, which can run on any device by using Nvidia RTX graphics technology. That will boost the core business of GPU for Nvidia further.

All this explains how big opportunity is on the doors of Nvidia and it cannot be overlooked as a growth catalyst in near future.

NVDA Stock Forecast: Should you buy now?

Nvidia is firing all cylinders and taking all positive steps to outperform on its expectations. Nvidia is a classic example of a growth stock, and nobody can deny the future growth prospects of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

However, NVDA shares are currently trading at more than 80x forward earnings and therefore could be volatile in the short run. However, the stock is a good bet in the long run.

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