PayPal Stock Forecast: Stock price stablises. Time to buy?

PayPal Stock Forecast: Stock price stablises. Time to buy?
PayPal Stock Forecast: Highlights
PayPal Stock Forecast: Shares of PYPL are expected to trade between $112 and $118. The overall recommendation is Hold.
-The average 12 month target for PYPL is $182.5.
Positives: Attractive valuation, growth momentum
Negatives: DeFi is a threat, slow growth of average per user transaction
Zacks investment analysts rated this stock as a hold for the short term.

PayPal Stock Forecast: Latest Price

Share Volume11 M
Forward P/E 1 Year 33.82

PayPal Stock Forecast: Momentum Indicators

Trading VolumeLower
Performance versus NASDAQLower
Social MediaLower

PayPal Stock: Technicals

SourceSupportResistanceRecommendation$114 (S3)$116 (R1)Sell
Barchart$112 (S3)$118 (R1)Sell

PayPal Stock Forecast: CrowdWisdom360-Insights

  • Paypal stock has gained +2.5% in the last month, outperforming the Zacks S&P 500 index, which has gained +3.8%.
  • As it approaches its next earnings announcement, investors will be looking for Paypal to show strength. The company is anticipated to have earnings per share of $0.88, -27.87% from the previous quarter.
  • Solana Pay is another potential Paypal competitor. Solana Pay is an interesting new breakthrough in digital payments.
  • PayPal is a prominent player in the field of electronic payments. The company processed a remarkable $1.25 trillion in total payment volume (TPV). As of now, it seems that PayPal’s business space in┬ádigital payments will not be challenged.
  • As the company has not changed it projections of number of customers till 2025 since long, one way for growth is more usage of products from existing customers and the average transaction per person has also grown only by 1.1%.
  • Analysts anticipate posting earnings of $1.12 per share, -8.2% Y-o-Y.
  • Search trend of the stock in google is downward trending since last week, one reason because there has been only 2% overall price moment in last 5 days.
  • Given the company’s capabilities to roll with changes in the fintech industry, especially DeFi and Crypto, the short-term recommendation to buy the stock.

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PayPal Stock: Technical Chart

PayPal Stock Forecast: Google Trends

Paypal Q4 Earnings

PAYPAL Stock Forecast: 12 Months Target

Average TargetFebruary 27th$181
UBSFebruary 24th$158
BarclaysFebruary 3rd$200
ZacksFebruary 13th$166
JP MorganFebruary 2nd$190
Credit SuisseFebruary 2nd$190

PayPal Stock Forecast: Latest Video

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PayPal Stock Forecast


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