Phun Stock Forecast: PHUN’s initiative against short selling has certainly proved favorable. The stock price is up 7%.

Phun Stock Forecast: PHUN’s initiative against short selling has certainly proved favorable. The stock price is up 7%.
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Phun Stock Forecast: Short-term forecast is to buy the stock in anticipation of results.

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Phunware Inc

Phun Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary

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Phun Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

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Phun Stock Forecast: CrowdWisdom360-Insights

  • Phun is being serious about the short selling and taking some actions to limit that. The company has announced that it will provide additional resources to maintain shareholder value. so far, PHUN’s anti-short-selling policy has proven to be fortuitous.
  • The reason why company is concerned about short selling is, The company has a 7.3 million share short volume, has a 0.4 short-interest-ratio. This indicates that there is a lot of interest in shorting the stock.
  • PHUN is all set to announce its next quarterly earnings report on Mar 23, 2022 – Mar 28, 2022. Analysts predict the company’s earnings will be -$0.04 per share in the current quarter, with annual EPS growth expected to be -$0.33 in 2021, with estimates for -$0.12 the following year. According to their projections, EPS will climb by 21.40 percent this year and 63.60 percent next year.
  • Hedge funds and other institutional investors have recently altered their stock positions. During the fourth quarter, BlackRock Inc. increased its investment in Phunware by 11.0 percent.
  • This stock has been given a buy rating by analysts, anticipating a price increase after the quarterly results announcement.

Phun Stock Forecast: Latest Videos

Phunware Inc (PHUN) is lower by 0.99% Friday In Premarket Trading

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Phun Stock Forecast: A Risky Bet

While some investors are satisfied with index funds, active investors are looking for multi-bagger stocks through which they can earn a fortune overnight. When you have such a share in your portfolio, you can significantly improve your finances. For example, Phunware Inc has generated over 586 per cent return for the last year. But do note that Phunware Inc is a microstock with the last 52-week range as $0.6 to $24.04, such stocks are only meant to be speculated and are news-driven. These kinds of stocks react hyperactively to the market and can either give multifold return or can crash one’s wealth in a couple of days’ time.

PHUN Stock Forecast: Fundamental Analysis

Phunware Inc was not profitable for last 12 months. Fact is, it has never been profitable since 2016 and it is unlikely that we will see any correlation between share price and earnings per share. Our next best option is revenue as shareholders of unprofitable companies usually look for strong revenue growth and hopes that strong revenue growth extrapolates to profit generation in couple of years.

To the dismay of investors, revenue has only shrunken over last three years with $ 19 million in 2018 to $9.9 million in 2019 and $ 6.15 million in 2020.


As it is clearly visible that company’s revenue is constantly decreasing, net income is always negative and over the top, profit margin is shrinking with every passing year.

In nutshell, company is on wrong foot seen from the perspective of fundamental analysis.

However, while the share price has gone up by more than 508 percent in last one year, this kind of decoupling between revenue and share price often indicates towards speculations, but many times speculation pays off!!

Phunware- Investors choose Trump’s stock

Last week, when former US President announced merger with DWAC, a hype was created and everyone followed stocks related to Trump’s campaign. DWAC Inc was one such company whose share rose by more than 842 percent since the news flashed that it would take on Trump’s media network called “Truth Social”.

Phunware was also among those stocks, investors targeted. Phunware Inc worked on Trump’s 2020 election campaign app and a major audience inferred that Phunware Inc will have a major role to play for new media network, in engaging and serving the audience like it did in 2020.

Many people who did not know about investing, just pumped the money to support Trump campaign and made Phunware stock reach a high of $24.04, a level which was not seen before and will never be seen again in at least near future.

-Vineet Agarwal

Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Index or Individual Stocks. Please consult a registered investment advisor to guide you on your financial decisions.

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