PTON Stock Forecast 2022: After a disappointing Q2, will the changes help stock bounce back?

PTON Stock Forecast 2022: After a disappointing Q2, will the changes help stock bounce back?

Pton Stock Forecast 2022 : Analysing the scope of the exercise equipment and fitness stock for the year ahead.

PTON Stock Forecast 2022 : Stock Performance data

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PTON stock forecast 2022

PTON Stock Forecast 2022 : Financial Parameters of the company

Market Cap$ 12.8 Billion
Share Volume78.1 Million
Previous Close$ 37.27
Earnings Per Share (EPS)$-3.72
52 Week High/Low$155.52/$22.81
Forward P/E (1 Year)-12.63

PTON Stock Forecast 2022 : Market Cap, Revenue and Earnings

With the idea of building a community through fitness combined with technology, Peloton was founded in 2012. The company raised $400,000 seed money and another $3.5 million in February and December respectively in the year 2012. First Bike was designed and produced in 2013. Peloton gained momentum in 2014 and received $10.5 million in that year.

Peloton slightly missed the Q2 estimations. Peloton reported $1.13 Billion Revenue which is lower than the expected revenue of $1.15 billion. and reported EPS was -1.22 which is 33.03% lower than the expected EPS -0.92. Gross profit was 24.7% and operating expenses were $705.9 in the second quarter of 2022. Fitness workout subscriptions grew 26% to $123.2 million. PTON reported losses of $0.4 billion for Q2 FY 2022 and a shift in net income of $63.6 million from the previous quarter. 70% of the revenue is connected with the fitness segment and saw a 8% de-growth. While the subscription revenue surged by 73% YoY, this company has taken steps to

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PTON Stock Forecast 2022 : Analyst estimation

The next 12-month price targets for PTON as estimated by the analysts, with a high target of $46.7 and a low target of $329. After the missed target the company has cut down the FY 2022 revenue targets to $3.7-3.8 billion from $4.4-4.8 billion. Additionally, for FY 2022, the projected growth of Connected fitness subscription is 29% Y-o-Y .

For Q3, the projected revenue is between 950 million to 1 billion and connected fitness subscription to increase 41% Y-o-Y.

In next 12 months, the price of PTON will trade between $45 to $93.

Target Price
Tips Rank$46.77

PTON Stock Forecast 2022 : Outlook For 2022

Even though Pton Stock Price is surged 500% from late 2019 to the end of 2020, but the growth rate is slowed down and the stock price is plunges over 80%. Still the outlook doesn’t look promising.

However, 2022 could be better for the company as they are expanding and introducing new products. Peloton products had a massive demand in the pandemic, and now people are most likely to go for gyms to workout but it isn’t easy to forget the peloton’s machines as they have been so popular in the pandemic. Still the investors are worried about the slower growth rate and Peloton is guiding their investors to reach a revenue of about $4.6 millions.

Peloton’s long-term plan is to reach 100 million subscriptions, as in the last quarter Peloton had 2.49 million subscriptions which is 87% increase from the last year. Peloton is planning to expand geographically to reach out and be available in more countries. also Peloton is working on product innovations to produce the more affordable machines.

Peloton is expecting to get a revenue of $3.8 billion and 2.93 million subscriptions in the next quarter. The gross margin is expected to be 23%. Peloton is doing good in subscriptions and they had a record rate of retention of subscribers is 92% in last 12 months. Peloton is looking to continue it’s subscription business which is the only hope for the company to recover in 2022.

PTON Stock Forecast 2022 : Latest News

In a Recent press release, Peloton said that they are going to cut about 2800 jobs and also planning replace the CEO of the company. The former Peloton CEO Jhon-Foley who is also one of the co-founders of the company has led the company nearly a decade, now he is going to step down from the executive chair and Barry McCarthy the former chief financial officer of Spotify Technology SA and Netflix Inc, will take the charge as the new CEO of the company from Wednesday. he will be paid a salary of $1 million and 8 million worth shares of the company.

Peloton decided to stop the production of bikes and treadmills temporarily, As their demand is decreased drastically. The company decided to pause bike production for 3 months from February and not to manufacture the treadmills for 6 months.

PTON Stock Forecast 2022 : Latest Analysis videos

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PTON Stock Forecast 2022 : Buy, Sell or Hold ?

PTON had a devastating year 2021. It may seem the company possibly even get worse in 2022. Pton Stock price is down over 75% in the last year. Stock price is down and the company is losing it’s value year over year after pandemic. The company’s future is uncertain and the losses is expected to continues in the 2023 financial year. The technical analysis is weak and the long-term outlook is uncertain.

For long-term 2022 forecast, those who have already bought the stock are recommended to hold till Q3 results to sell and those who have not bought, this might not be the best opportunity to buy till Q3.

Short term indication is to sell this stock. Long term 2022 recommendation is to hold the position.

-Rakesh Atla

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