Silver Price Prediction and Forecast: Can Silver break the $24 Resistance?

Silver Price Prediction and Forecast: Can Silver break the $24 Resistance?
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Silver Price Prediction and Forecast: According to analysts, Silver Price Forecast Thursday, 16th September 2021 is in a trading range of $23 and $ 24.19.

The current spot price of Silver is $23.46 per ounce which is down by 0.43% in last 24 hours.

Silver Price Forecast: 16 September 2021

Here are the latest spot prices of Silver:

Silver Price Per Ounce
Silver Price Per Gram
Silver Price Per Kilo

Buy Silver Or Regret It Forever

Silver Price Prediction: Technical Analysis for 16th September

Support (S3)
Resistance (R1)

Silver Price Prediction and Forecast: What happened in Last 24 hours?

Recently Silver has failed to break the $24 mark. On Thursday, 9th of September, Sliver did show an early sign of rally however in the latter half Silver did shed off the gain that it did make and it was back to $24 mark once again.

For few days $24 has served as a support price for Silver while it is finding hard to break the resistance price.

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How steady is the support at $24?

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