Tesla Stock Forecast: Tesla falls on Monday, Short term recommendation is Sell

Tesla Stock Forecast: Tesla falls on Monday, Short term recommendation is Sell
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May 10th, Tesla Stock Forecast: Current Outlook is Positive (Positive: 50%, Negative: 33%).

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Latest TESLA Stock price

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30.2 M
Forward PE (1 Year)

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TESLA Q1 Earnings 2022:

Tesla announced their Quarter 1 Financial results on Wednesday. Right after that, the shares of Tesla rose 6% during after-hours trading session.
• The automotive revenue is $16.86 Billion with a 87% jump.
• The EPS (Earnings per share) climbed 246% to 3.22.
• The total revenue is $18.76 billion.
• Earlier, Tesla also reported their Total deliveries of 310,048 for the first quarter.

After the announcement of Q1 results, what is next for Tesla?
The Shanghai factory is still not operating due to COVID restrictions and as known by now- EV industry is facing certain supply constraints which are going to affect future performance. In addition to that, increasing raw material prices are a problem as well. Tesla believes that their factories may run below potential throughout 2022.

Tesla Stock Forecast: Performance Chart

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Tesla Stock Prediction: Google Search Data

Search on Google for Tesla Stock is higher compared to 24 hours ago. [Use the cursor on the chart to see how things have moved over the previous session at that point in time]

Tesla Stock Forecast: Technicals

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Tesla Stock Forecast: Competition Analysis

Stock Name
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Zacks Ratings
Price Target for 12 months
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Bottom 26%
Bottom 26%
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Bottom 26%

Tesla Stock Forecast: Momentum Summary

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Google Search
Social Media Sentiment

TESLA Stock Forecast: CrowdWisdom360- Insights

  • Tesla has finally opened up a factory in Berlin, Germany. CEO Elon Musk himself visited Germany for the same purpose. The move was made to relieve pressure on the Shangai factory and to facilitate serving the enormous European markets.
  • Hertz Global Holding added 100,000 Tesla Model Y to its fleet. In addition to creating huge publicity this deal has also increased Tesla’s market value to $1 trillion.
  • Tesla has announced that they will be having a second stock split after the 5 to 1 split in September 2020. They will make the request at their upcoming annual meeting. According to Dan Ives, Wedbush this is the right decision for Tesla’s future. Tesla stock soared nearly 8% on Monday after the news.
  • Tesla is going to announce the deliveries they made this quarter. According to Analysts from Bloomberg, the delivery figure will consist of nearly 309,158 vehicles.
  • The search volume for Tesla stock ($TSLA) has been fluctuating for the last few hours. It is currently lower compared to 24 hours ago.
  • Tesla stock traded lower in the Wednesday session. This may be linked to the recent trouble between CEO Elon Musk and Twitter shareholders. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was to disclose his stake in the social network company by March 24th. Although, he still hasn’t disclosed the information, which now has led to legal consequences.
  • CEO Elon Musk made a bid to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share. Due to this, Tesla shares had a sharp fall on 14th April’s trading session. Investors and analysts have mixed opinions about the deal. According to Wells Fargo analyst buying twitter could be a possible distraction for CEO Musk. The main question is, will Musk sell his Tesla shares to fund the deal?
  • Tesla has signed a long-term contract with Vale- A Brazilian MNC engaged with metals and mining. Vale will be supplying Tesla Class 1 nickel. On their website, Vale confirmed the deal and want to achieve their target of delivering 30%-40% of Class 1 nickel to the EV Industry. As the EV industry approaches material shortages, Tesla has managed to secure deals at the earliest while also producing their own battery cells.
  • According to Reuters, Tesla has stopped production at their Shanghai Plant (TG3) because of supply chain issues. The main supplier of wire harnesses stopped because of positive cases among the workers.
  • Taking all of these factors into consideration, the short term recommendation is to sell the stock.

Latest Tesla Stock Analysis Video

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Tesla Stock Forecast: Latest Tesla News and Tweets

James Mclaire 🇺🇸 🇺🇦 on Twitter: “Tesla may very well retest its low-of-the-year 700/share tomorrow or soon after. Very disappointing news from Tesla out of Shanghai. $tsla / Twitter”

Tesla may very well retest its low-of-the-year 700/share tomorrow or soon after. Very disappointing news from Tesla out of Shanghai. $tsla

Tesla Stock Predictions: TSLA Social Media Sentiments

7 Days
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Net Sentiment
10th May ($TSLA)
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Tipranks Tesla Blogger Opinions & Sentiment

Investing.com Tesla Community

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Tesla Stock Forecast: Competition performance

It is no surprise that the EV market doesn’t work on a monopoly. Tesla faces serious competition from companies like Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Kia and Hyundai, all of whom are looking to enter the electric vehicle arena. 

A few months ago, Volvo confirmed EVs will account for 100% of its vehicle sales by 2030. Auto giant General Motors estimates to increase its all-EV fleet to 30 models by the end of 2023. It plans to offer only light vehicle EVs by 2035 while Ford now expects to sell only EVs in Europe by the end of this decade. In addition, Volkswagen announced plans to develop six battery factories in Europe. 


Tesla Stock Forecast : Diversification policies 

Tesla has announced plans for diversification into countries like India, that may prove to be an immense market for the automaker. The company has been in talks with the Indian administration and is expected to begin operations in the country by the later half of 2021. 

The company also expects to expand the reach of its ever-so-famous Gigafactory for battery and vehicle production. With well-established Gigafactories in Nevada, New York and Shanghai, the expansion will lead to similar factories being developed in Berlin and Austin. 

Tesla Stock Prediction and Forecast : Battery Production 

At the moment, Tesla partners with Panasonic for the production of its vehicle batteries. The Gigafactory in Nevada produces Lithium-ion batteries, with the 2020 target of 35 gigawatt-hours per year of cells as well as 50 gigawatt-hours per year (5.7 MW) of battery packs. This production could be equivalent to supplying 500,000 Tesla cars per year

In home-powered solar batteries, Tesla competes with LG, Orison, Sonnen, SimpliPhi Power, and Sunverge. In electric grid energy, the contenders include Strata Solar, AES, and NextEra. 

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