Tesla Stock Prediction and Latest Stock News: Tesla Gains over 10% in the last 1 month

Tesla Stock Prediction and Latest Stock News: Tesla Gains over 10% in the last 1 month
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Tesla Stock Prediction : On the trading day of Sep 20th, analysts predict an average support price of $ 742 and an average resistance price of $ 762

3 Analysts

Tesla Stock Prediction: Latest Price, Sep 20th, 2021

TESLA closed 0.33% higher at $ 759.49 on 17th September 2021.

Tesla Stock Predictions: Will Tesla go up in the next few days?

The technical analysis by analysts is neutral for the coming days. 

Tesla Inc. Performance Chart

Sep 17th’21
vs Sep 16th’21
last 5 days
last 1 month
last 1 year
$ 759.49

Tesla Stock Prediction and Forecast: Support and Resistance, Sep 20th, 2021

$ 742 (S3)
$ 762 (R1)
$ 746 (S3)
$ 761 (R1)
$ 742 (S3)
$ 764 (R1)

Cathie Wood Sells Tesla Stock TSLA 

Tesla Stock Prediction and Latest Stock News: TESLA EV leads US Market

This is wild. Top 10 best-selling EV in the US in 2021: Originally tweeted by Fred Lambert (@FredericLambert) on September 14, 2021.

1. Model Y: 93,708
2. Model 3: 68,448
3. Bolt EV: 21,898
4. Mustang Mach-E: 13,950
5. Leaf: 9,445
6. VW ID.4: 8,404
7. Taycan: 6,071
8. Kona EV: 6,069
9. e-tron: 5,473
10. Kia Niro EV: 4,091

Tesla (TSLA) is the US EV market right now – how will it change with new incentives?

It is fair to say that Tesla (TSLA) is the electric vehicle market in the US as new registration data shows more than two-thirds of new electric cars are coming from Tesla. How will it change with new incentives? For years now, Tesla has been dominating the electric auto market in its home country.

Top 3 EVs in the US are the only ones that are not eligible for the federal tax credit. It goes to show that having a compelling electric vehicle is way more important than subsidies.

Even if Tesla is put at a $4,500 disadvantage with the union-made criteria in the incentive program reform, it will still get a massive boost from the price point to buy Model 3/Y being $8,000 lower.

Why Cathie Wood JUST Sold Her Tesla Stock

Tesla Stock Prediction and Latest Stock News: Why is Tesla stock Rising?

Tesla’s stock price has been rising for a couple of days and after it breached the $700 mark, there has been no looking back for Tesla. The reason for rising in Tesla’s stock price is more likely attributed to the email that CEO Elon Must sent to employees regarding future stock prices. However, it is still unclear if the emails were true or not.

The email is about Musk’s asking the Tesla employees to agree with ARK Invest founder Cathie Wood. Cathie Wood reportedly told the investors that Tesla’s share of the electric car market has actually gone up fairly dramatically around the world. She believes that the Tesla stock could be worth $3,000 a share by 2025.

BUYING FRENZY for Tesla Stock! Tesla Stock Fully recovers to Green

Tesla Stock Has $50 Trading Potential | TSLA Technical Analysis

Tesla Stock Prediction and Forecast: Tesla Stock news, 2nd Sep


[1st Sep] Why Tesla Stock Is Trading At Multi-Month Highs

[1st Sep] Is Tesla Setting Up for a Big Move?

[1st Sep] Tesla, IBD Stock Of The Day, In Buy Range As Launch In Huge New Market Nears

TSLA Stock Price – $ 900 Target From Morgan Stanley

Could the Tesla share price hit $1,000 by the end of this year?

Should I Buy Tesla Stock Now? Fair Value at $ 600 (31st Aug)

Analyst PRAISES Tesla’s TOTAL MASTERY, Says Buy The Stock


[31st Aug] Tesla: institutional investors showing a negative bias on the stock

[30th Aug] Tesla: Waiting For Major Catalysts

TSLA Tesla Stock Prediction and Forecast: 12 months forecast

12 month Tesla Stock Forecast (Median)
$ 725
$ 621 (Mean)
$ 621 (Mean)
$ 637.85 (Mean)
$ 701.4

Where Tesla Stands With Analysts

Yahoo Tesla Community

Investing.com Tesla Community

Tipranks Tesla Blogger Opinions & Sentiment

Tesla Motors Club Forum

Tesla Stock Prediction and Latest Stock News: Latest News of Tesla Cars

[3rd Sept] Tesla Car Crash: US Identifies Company’s 12th Autopilot Accident in Incidents Involving Emergency Vehicles

[3rd Sept] 4 Tesla cars receive roadworthiness certification in India

[3rd Sept] Tesla aims to release $25,000 electric car in 2023, likely will not have a steering wheel

[3rd Sept] 2021 Tesla Model Y long-term introduction: Yep, we leased one

[3rd Sept] Tesla Must Send Autopilot Data to Feds by October 22

[3rd Sept] Watch Tesla Model S Plaid with Track Mode do hot laps on Nürburgring racetrack

TSLA Stock Prediction: Latest Tesla News

Positive News

[1st Sep] The World’s Fastest Growing Brands in 2021 is Tesla

[1st Sep] Tesla’s India quest gathers pace after government approval

Torque News: Tesla growth story is just getting started

Newsweek: Tesla most popular car on YouTube

Negative News

[2nd Sep] Tesla risks $2.7 billion loss on autonomous tech gamble

[2nd Sep] Amid Tesla’s Autopilot Probe, Nearly Half the Public Thinks Autonomous Vehicles Are Less Safe Than Normal Cars

[1st Sep] Tesla Autopilot NHTSA probe expands following Orlando crash

[1st Sep] Tesla’s Roadster shipment to be delayed to 2023, says Musk

[1st Sep] Rosen Law Firm Encourages Tesla, Inc. Investors with Losses to Inquire About Class Action Investigation – TSLA

TSLA Stock Prediction: Crowd Forecasts, 6th Sep

Tesla Stock Price Predictions, Forecasts and Latest Tesla Stock News: Tesla edges lower

Tesla Stock Prediction: Sales Data and News

185,000 Teslas were registered in Q1 of 2021 up from 88,400 in Q1, 2020 (COVID lockdown impact). It was 63,000 in Q1, 2019.

New Vehicle Registrations (Global)
Growth % (YoY)
Q1 2021
Q1 2020

Tesla Inc. maintains a steady hold on the EV market in China, with new vehicle registrations recovering in May from a fall in April 2021. Sales of Tesla SUVs more than doubled in China


Monthly Registrations (China)
Growth % (MoM)
April 2021
March 2021
February 2021

TSLA Stock Prediction and Forecast: FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE

Free cash flow

Tesla’s earning estimates for Q2, 2021, click here

An important determinant of financial stability for a company, Tesla’s free cash flow jumped to $ 493 million in Q1, 2021, a jump from $ 283 million in Q1, 2020

Tesla clocked $ 10.39 B in Q1 revenue versus $ 5.99 B in Q1, 2020. This resulted in a massive 2638% jump in Net Income growth


Net Income
Growth % (YoY)
Q1 (2021)
$ 438 million
Q1 (2020)
$16 million

Tesla Stock Prediction: Government incentives 

While the EV market is laden with incentives from executive authorities, every new administration brings new incentives for hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles. The Biden administration proposed allocation of $174 billion for the development of the country’s electric-vehicle ecosystem. This, combined with the federal tax credits given under the Energy Improvement and Extension Act, reassures the market of brighter and more profitable days ahead. 

Tesla Stock Prediction: Competition performance

It is no surprise that the EV market doesn’t work on a monopoly. Tesla faces serious competition from companies like Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Kia and Hyundai, all of whom are looking to enter the electric vehicle arena. 

A few months ago, Volvo confirmed EVs will account for 100% of its vehicle sales by 2030. Auto giant General Motors estimates to increase its all-EV fleet to 30 models by the end of 2023. It plans to offer only light vehicle EVs by 2035 while Ford now expects to sell only EVs in Europe by the end of this decade. In addition, Volkswagen announced plans to develop six battery factories in Europe. 


Tesla Stock Prediction and Forecast : Diversification policies 

Tesla has announced plans for diversification into countries like India, that may prove to be an immense market for the automaker. The company has been in talks with the Indian administration and is expected to begin operations in the country by the later half of 2021. 

The company also expects to expand the reach of its ever-so-famous Gigafactory for battery and vehicle production. With well-established Gigafactories in Nevada, New York and Shanghai, the expansion will lead to similar factories being developed in Berlin and Austin. 

Tesla Stock Prediction and Forecast : Battery Production 

At the moment, Tesla partners with Panasonic for the production of its vehicle batteries. The Gigafactory in Nevada produces Lithium-ion batteries, with the 2020 target of 35 gigawatt-hours per year of cells as well as 50 gigawatt-hours per year (5.7 MW) of battery packs. This production could be equivalent to supplying 500,000 Tesla cars per year

In home-powered solar batteries, Tesla competes with LG, Orison, Sonnen, SimpliPhi Power, and Sunverge. In electric grid energy, the contenders include Strata Solar, AES, and NextEra. 

Author: Tripti Neb

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