Troika Media TRKA Price Target 2023

TRKA Price Target 2023: The average 12-month Troika Media Stock Price Target is $1.5

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Troika Media Group is a marketing and advertising company involved in branding, design, and production for television networks, sports leagues, film studios, and digital media companies. The main projects of the company include TV show openings, brand campaigns, and digital experiences.

Troika Media is based in Los Angeles, California, and was founded in 2001.

TRKA Price Target 2023: Recent Developments

Investors believe that a short squeeze is currently in progress because shares of Troika Media Group are up more than 40%. With that, the year-to-date (YTD) return for TRKA stock has increased to more than 550%. Troika’s announcement that it will remove a registration statement outlining the resale of up to 272.76 million shares on February 17 helped the run-up. TRKA has increased by around 240% since then.

According to Investors Observer, Troika Media Group is among the worst performers in its industry. TRKAW receives a score of 70 overall. It indicates that it performs better than 70% of stocks. A 16 is awarded to Troika Media Group in the Communication Services category. Out of 11 sectors, communication services is ranked fifth. Moreover, prominent Investment Banking Company Jefferies LLC Has Been Engaged by Troika Media Group, Inc. to Help Its Capital Structure Be Optimized and Explore Strategic Options.

Troika Media Earnings

Q4 2022

Troika Media Group reported Q4 2022 results on On Feb 28, 2023. Here are the highlights of the Q4 Result:

  • Earnings per share (EPS) was -$0.14 which is 55.56% up year over year.
  • Total Troika Media Group earnings for the quarter were -$10.85 million.
  • In the same quarter last year, Troika Media Group’s earnings per share (EPS) was -$0.09.
  • Troika Media Group Inc. reported a Record Revenue of $187.9 million for 6 months ending December 31, 2022
  • Adjusted EBITDA was $5.0 million for the Six Months Ended December 31, 2022

First three quarters of 2022

Net income1.27M-18.06M-14.39M
Diluted EPS0.01-0.29
Net profit margin1.06%-21.15%-91.73%
Operating income7.22M4.74M-11.83M
Net change in cash-6.96K-9.72M36.41M
Cost of revenue101.06M67.97M11.74M

Troika Media Group Stock Performance

  • Last 1 Month: +0.6%
  • Last 6 Months: -41.4%
  • Last 1 Year: -76.2%

Troika Media TRKA Price Target (Analysts Target)

Average Price Target$1.5
EF Hutton$1.5

Troika Media Stock Technical Analysis

Troika Media stock witnessed one more day of retreat in the stock price. The stock closed 16.94% lower on the last trading day. On the previous day, TRKA closed below $0.25 but above $0.20. But the latest crash led to TRKA stock price falling below $0.20.

The overall performance of Troika Media Stock on the last trading:

  • Open: $0.2284
  • Close: $0.1736
  • Gain/Loss: -16.94%
  • Market Cap: $59.77M

Troika Media Stock crashed below $0.20 on Wednesday as the stock closed around 17% lower. The overall market cap of Troika Media is now below $60 M. The stock is highly bearish and the bears are in control of the overall market.

In the first week of March 2023, TRKA stock price was surging and on March 7th it was on the verge of breaking above $1. However, the stock crashed and now TRKA is below $0.20.

The net TRKA stock price is below both the 50-day as well as the 200-day Moving Averages. The stock is on a downtrend looking for stable support.

image 609

For the next trading day, the support for TRKA is around $0.108 with 200-day MA which is around $0.219 as the first resistance level. The sellers are in control of the market. The Relative Strength Index adds to the bearish momentum of the TRKA stock. With more sellers in the market, the RSI will potentially fall within the 30% zone.

image 610

The Stochastic RSI and the MACD indicator both indicate that TRKA stock is bearish. The Stoch RSI is within the oversold territory and has been on a downtrend.

On the MACD chart, the MACD signal is on a downtrend. It has fallen below the signal line. The volume histogram bars for TRKA are increasing within the bearish axis.

Overall TRKA is highly bearish.

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TRKA Price Target 2023: Macros

Print, radio, television, and motion pictures make up the media and entertainment sectors. Movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books are among these categories.

Indicators point to the media and entertainment industry continuing to shift in 2023. The E&M industry recovered from its decline in 2020 to continue its development path in 2021, with revenues increasing strongly by 10.4%. By 2026, the worldwide E&M industry is expected to generate revenues of close to US$3 trillion. The numbers and the projections make one thing very clear: the enormous E&M complex is expanding faster than the whole world economy. More people worldwide are investing more of their time, attention, and money in the sophisticated and immersive E&M experiences that are readily available to them with each passing year.

At the same time, studios and video streamers are attempting to make money in a less lucrative industry while dealing with the realities of their own market disruption. Companies face competition from social media, user-generated content, and video games in addition to rivalry for consumers’ attention, time, and money. In keeping with youthful populations, the latter have developed faster. Social networking platforms have more free video content than they can handle, yet streaming video on demand (SVOD) firms spend billions on content to entice fickle members. So even when the demand is growing multifold, the platforms engaged in this industry need proactive responses to cope up with the changes.

Troika Media TRKA Price Target: Bull Case

Strong Financial Growth: Troika Media has reported strong financial growth as of now. In the first three quarters of 2023, Troika Media registered revenue growth in all the 3 quarters. In the last quarter, that is in the Q3 of 2022, Troika Media reported 119.81M in revenue which is up 1335.02% YOY. The net income of Troika Media jumped around 160% to 1.27M. With such strong growth, the investor will find it a good option for investment.

Strong Industry: The media and advertising industry is growing, and there is an increasing demand for creative content, branding, and digital media services. As a leading player in this space, Troika Media Group stands to benefit from these industry tailwinds.

Diversified customer base: Troika Media Group has a diversified customer base, which includes major television networks, sports leagues, film studios, and digital media companies. This diversification reduces the company’s reliance on any one customer or market segment, making it more resilient to market shocks.

Innovative and creative services: Troika Media Group has a track record of creating innovative and creative content, branding, and digital media services for its clients. This is a key competitive advantage that sets the company apart from its peers.

Troika Media TRKA Price Target: Bear Case

Competition: The media and advertising industry is highly competitive, with many established players and new entrants. Troika Media Group faces intense competition from these players, which could put pressure on the company’s growth and profitability.

Dependence on the entertainment industry: Troika Media Group’s services are primarily targeted at the entertainment industry, including TV networks, film studios, and sports leagues. Any downturn in this industry could have a negative impact on the company’s revenue and profitability.

Dependence on key personnel: Troika Media Group’s success is closely tied to the expertise and experience of its key personnel, including its management team and creative talent. Any loss of key personnel could negatively impact the company’s operations and reputation.

Is TRKA a Good Investment?

Troika Media Group is based on its position as a leading player in a growing industry. The company has diversified its customer base and company is known for its innovative and creative services. Added to it, TRKA has reported a strong financial result. The revenue of the company has surged massively in the last few years. In 2022, the company reported a huge increase in revenue in the first three quarters.

Considering all these factors, TRKA is a good investment. However, it’s important to remember that there are always risks and uncertainties associated with investing in any company or asset.

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