TTD Stock Forecast 2022: Will it perform better than the last 6 months after a 50% fall?

TTD Stock Forecast 2022: Will it perform better than the last 6 months after a 50% fall?

TTD Stock Forecast 2022: Trade Desk announced better than expected results and forecast for the Fiscal Year:

While Trade Desk is down by about 50% in the last six months, it is due to external factors and not for any reason connected to Trade Desk itself. In fact, the company reported better than expected first-quarter results on May 10, the company reported revenue of $315 million, which is up by 43% YoY- a good acceleration from 37% growth rate it reported the previous year. The EPS reported was $0.21, up by 50% YoY. The consensus estimate for the revenue was $304.7 million and for EPS – $0.15.

TTD Stock Forecast 2022: Buying Opportunity in Trade Desk Stock

Trade Desk as a company is performing at its peak efficiency. There are so many positives for the company in the first quarter results, both in terms of top-line and bottom-line growth. Last year company debuted Solimar- the latest version of the digital ad buying opportunity. Also, Trade Desk also released OpenPath, to provide direct access to ad inventory negating “walled gardens” like Alphabets.

The downfall is not due to the company’s performance and only due to external reasons like fear of inflation in the US market and rising Crude price on the global front. If the reason for correction or downfall is not internal, it presents buying opportunity in the stock. Also, Trade Desk has a massive opportunity of capturing a huge market of $750 billion – the advertising market, which is going to increase in the coming several years. The trading desk is the leader in the advertising industry, coming up with new products every now and then, and that makes it a very lucrative stock to add to the portfolio.   

TTD Stock Forecast 2022: Latest Tweet

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TTD Stock Forecast 2022: What is ahead?

For a start, the year 2022 can prove to be the golden year for Trade Desk. The reasons are ample, the company is producing far better results in the market of inflation and is also upgrading the guidance for the coming quarters and fiscal year 2022-2023. The newly launched products like Solimar and OpenPath are going to contribute to the revenue and profitability in the coming quarters. OpenPath is meant to dodge the blocking software of Google. These products are great and will contribute immensely to the growth of the Trade Desk in 2022.

Technically, the stock is significantly down from its all-time high of $113, which it touched towards the fag end of 2021 in the month of November. The overall market remains very volatile at present and TTD stock will face resistance in the upside journey. The supports and resistances from various technical methods are tabulated for reference.


The stock has come out of the $50-60 range in which stock is hovering in the last one month to start a meaningful upside journey. The stock forecast for 2022 is tabulated below from various sources: –

TTD Stock Forecast 2022: TTD Stock Price Target (12 months):

SourceOverall Analysts’ ConsensusUpper RangeLower Range
CNN MoneyBuy$111$29

Overall, Trade Desk is a company with strong fundamentals and great quarter financial results. In 2022, it can witness a good upside from here if the global sentiments turn bullish and headwinds like inflation fears subside. If an investor believes in the business of Trade Desk, he must invest in Trade Desk in 2022 as the bottom for the stock is either already formed or is very near to $50.  

TTD stock forecast 2022

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