TTD Stock Forecast: Is the Bottom Near for Trade Desk After Falling 50% In Last Six Months?

TTD Stock Forecast: Is the Bottom Near for Trade Desk After Falling 50% In Last Six Months?

TTD Stock Forecast: Trade Desk Fell 50% in last six months due to various external reasons

It has been a difficult time for the share market in the past couple of months. All the indices have felt the heat and are down significantly from their all-time highs. The Nasdaq index is down by more than 22 percent in the past six months. Investors dumped the high growth, high valued stocks in the months of April and May 2022, and Trade Desk was swept in the wind of downfall. Trade Desk is down 39% and is currently trading at $54.61 (as of 03.06.2022). The stock is down after posting first-quarter financial results as analysts lowered the guidance and target price.

It was the after-effects of surprising commentary from Snap- that the global economic environment is not conducive to the company’s growth leading to the downfall of Trade Desk to about 25% in a single day. Snap commentary is important as it is another company that generates revenue from digital ads.

The main headwind for Trade Desk and other such advertising companies is that in the environment of high inflation rates, expenditure on subsidiary items reduces significantly and hence companies spend less on ads, which may lead to poor financial results and lowered guidance for the fiscal year.

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TTD stock Forecast: Will Trade Desk stock reach $1000?

Will Trade Desk stock reach $1000? Trade Desk went for a 10:1 stock split in June 2021. It reduced the price by a factor of 10 and multiplied the outstanding shares by 10. The move was initiated for attracting small retail investors who were on the fence about deciding to invest in Trade Desk, but could not due to high share price and in absence of fractional shares. Today, the shares of Trade Desk trade at $54.61 (as of 3.06.2022) and there is very miniscule possibility that share price will reach $1000 in the near term future, as that would represent upside of about 2000% in the share price.

Moreover, the possibility is also less as whenever share price will be around $500 in the upside journey, management will be tempted to split the stock again and bring down the share price to make it more accessible for retail investors. While, as discussed above in the article, there is lot of potential for the upside in the stock, $1000 is too far away for at least couple of years down the line. The stock has given no return in last one year and is down by about 4%, but is poised for great upside if the global sentiments turns positive.

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