England vs France Prediction, In-depth Analysis and Statistics

England vs France Prediction, In-depth Analysis and Statistics

England vs France Prediction

England France [Goals]

  • England is likely to score a goal in the Second half against France.
  • France is likely to score a goal in the Second half.

England & France Prediction [Goals]

  • Harry Kane is likely to score for England.
  • Oliver Giroud is likely to score for France.

England vs France Prediction Score England:2, France:1 (Can be in extra time too)

Statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the match may not necessarily replicate recent performances.

England will face France in the Quarter Finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup on Saturday at Al Bayt Stadium. England overcame a rocky beginning to defeat Senegal 3-0 and proceed to the quarterfinals. The outcome sets up a mouthwatering matchup between Gareth Southgate’s team and France, who defeated Poland 3-1 and set up the first-ever knockout fixture between both sides. Goals from Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappe gave France a place in the World Cup quarterfinals.

England vs France Prediction: Goal Analysis

England (Last 5 Tournament Games)

  • England has won 3 out of their last 5 games with 2 other games drawn. The Goal aggregate is 15-5. England did not concede a single goal in 3 out of those 5 games
  • The average first goal was scored in the 49th minute while the average first goal was conceded in the 59th minute
  • When extending the analysis to the last 10 matches including Friendlies, England has won just 3 games. The wins came against Iran (Ranked 20th), Wales (Ranked 19th) and Senegal ranked 18th. England played one top-10-ranked team recently (Italy) and lost the game
  • In sum, England’s relatively weaker rivals in the world cup have camouflaged persistent weaknesses in recent performances

France (Last 5 Tournament Games)

  • France has won 3 out of their last 5 tournament games. They lost to Tunisia after fielding a weaker team in the final league game. France lost to Denmark in the Nations League but beat them in the world cup this year. The 5-game goal aggregate is 9-6.
  • The average first goal in these 5 matches was scored in the 44th minute while the average first goal was conceded in the 52nd minute.
  • When extending the analysis to the last 10 matches including Friendlies, France has won just 4 games. The wins came against Austria (Ranked 34th), Denmark (Ranked 10th), Australia (38th), and Poland ranked 26th. France played one top-10-ranked team recently (Denmark). Of the two games, They lost a game and won the second one in the world cup last week.
  • In Sum, France has struggled in recent games primarily on account of inconsistent performances by the forward attack and a very ordinary defense lineup
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Quarter Finals

  • December 10th: Morocco 0 vs Portugal 1, Prediction

FIFA World Cup 2022 Winners Prediction

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England vs France Prediction: World Cup Attacking Stats

In the three World Cup games, England has been the most dominant side in attack in the World cup scoring 3.00 goals on average with an average xG of 2.00 goals. England has been clinical in their Finish with a shooting accuracy of 45%, the highest among any team with a goal scored over 2 goals.

France has averaged 2.25 goals per match in the world cup so far with its average xG of 1.70. Les Blues has been dominant with over 15 shots per match. France has averaged 6.3 Shots on target.

England vs France Prediction: Forward Statistics


  • England has scored twelve goals in the World cup so far with an average of 3.00 goals per match.
  • With Rashford, Bukayo Saka scored the most goals for England at the World Cup. Despite his above-par pass accuracy, the winger has scored three goals in four matches.
  • Rashford has also scored 3 goals at 1.10 goals per match with 2.50 shots per match. The forward is playing with an average rating of 7.15.
  • Harry Kane has found some form in the round of 16, Kane scored an exquisite goal against Senegal and is averaging 1.8 shots per match.

World Cup Goals: England (2022)

  • Marcus Rashford: 3
  • Bukayo Saka: 3
  • Jude Bellingham: 1
  • Raheem Sterling: 1
  • Phil Foden: 1
  • Jack Grealish: 1
  • Harry Kane: 1
  • Jordan Henderson: 1


  • France has scored nine goals in the World Cup so far with an average of 2.25 goals per match.
  • The most threatening player for France has been Kylian Mbappe. The forward has scored 5 goals, averaging 1.25 goals per game, including two braces against Poland and Denmark.
  • The second-highest goal scorer for France at the World Cup is Oliver Giroud. The forward has a shooting percentage of 28.6% and has scored 3 goals at a rate of one goal per game on 4.20 shots per 90 minutes.

World Cup Goals: France (2022)

  • Kylian Mbappe: 5
  • Oliver Giroud: 3
  • Adrien Rabiot: 1

France vs England Prediction: Defensive Analysis

England’s defense has significantly improved since its disastrous performance in the Nations League. England has played tightly, giving up just two goals overall during the World Cup and 0.50 goals on average per game. In World Cup games, England has allowed 7.2 shots per game, but just 3.7 of those shots have been on goal.

France’s defense has been more sort of the same as the Nations League. France has failed to keep a clean sheet in any matches so far, averaging 1 goal per match. France has conceded 7.8 shots per game.

England vs France Head-to-Head Statistics

England and France have met 31 times in football history. England has dominated their European counterparts with 17 wins. France has beaten them 9 times while 5 ended in a draw.

Last Meeting: France beat England 3-2 in their last match.

Key Snapshots: This Fixture (Last five matches)

  • France has won 3 of the last 5 meetings between the two sides.
  • There have been 2.6 goals per match between the two sides.
  • France has scored 1.4 goals per match against England in the last five matches.
  • England has scored 1.2 goals per match against France.

England vs France Predicted Lineup

England’s predicted lineup:
Pickford; Walker, Stones, Maguire, Shaw; Rice, Henderson, Bellingham; Saka, Kane, Foden

France Predicted lineup:
Lloris; Kounde, Varane, Upamecano, T. Hernandez; Tchouameni, Rabiot; Dembele, Griezmann, Mbappe; Giroud

England vs France Odds

  • Oddschecker Overall
    • England 2/1
    • France 7/5
    • France will win but the prediction has moderate certainty
  • Skybet
    • England 15/8
    • France 13/10
    • France will win but the prediction has moderate certainty
  • Betfair
    • England 21/10
    • France 6/4
    • France will win but the prediction has moderate certainty

France vs England Predictions and Final Analysis

The Quarter-Finals can’t be anything but exciting with these two Arch-Rivals in action.

  • France has been outstanding offensively with Kylian Mbappe leading the charge with 5 out of 9 goals scored by France. Defensively France has some concerns. The defending champion has failed to keep a clean sheet in any game and with England’s variety of scorers, it could be a challenging game for them.
  • England’s campaign has been holistic with every facet of the game clicking for them. England too has not faced any side as challenging as France up to this point and would be tested in the Final third with Kylian Mbappe Pounding goals.

We believe England has an edge with a more rounded team and only early goals by Mbappe or Giroud can save France. Score Prediction, England 2, France 1

England vs France Prediction: Some Key Stats and Analysis

  • England Shots-per-Match: 11.75
  • Shooting accuracy and Shot on Target: 50% and 5.75
  • France Shots conceded per match: 7.50
  • France Shots conceded on Target: 1.75
  • France’s goalkeeper’s save percentage is 60% and has conceded more than average xG.

England has played Iran, Wales, USA and Senegal. England is yet to face a defensive unit as strong as France which concedes only 2 shots on target, but France has also not faced a Strong outfit like England.

The expected standard deviation of 1.75, England has a better chance to score 2 goals.

  • France Shots-per-Match: 17.5
  • Shooting accuracy and Shot on Target: 33% and 5.5
  • England Shots conceded per match: 8.50
  • Morocco Shots conceded on Target: 1.25
  • Pickford’s goalkeeper save percentage is 70%, and the number of expected goals per match is in line with actual goals.

France averages 17.5 shots per match but England’s defence has not conceded more than 8.15 shots and with only 1.25 shots on target.

Standard deviation of 1.75 but France’s shooting accuracy can hamper their chances, our prediction say France will shot around 3.5 shots on target, but their shooting accuracy of 33% is the major difference.

England’s more clinical performances put them ahead over France at the moment,

England vs France Score Prediction

CrowdwisdomLive: Based on tactics and statistics, England has a slight advantage over France. Factors include a variety of Parameters like a player’s form, Diversity of goal scorers, Percentage of goals, Percentage rise in form, Players’ average ratings, and Probability of goal scoring.

  • Some factors include England’s front three having scored goals; which renders them likely to score a goal. And if we see the France case, Dembele is yet to score in spite of taking 1.5 shots per match.
  • Over-reliance on Mbappe: scored more than 50% of goals for France. based on Statistics, if he has an off-day France’s chance of scoring a goal drops down by 30%.
  • Factors indicate more chances of England scoring more goals.

Considering their average opponents, England has conceded fewer goals and scored more goals than France.

Social Media

Twitter is abuzz with England vs. France score predictions, and as to be expected, social media is split on the topic. The sample size points to a competitive contest between two leviathans. According to the analytics, 55% of the audience picked France to defeat England by a score of 2-1. 45% Crowd predicts, England to beat France 2-1.



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