FIFA 2022 Odds: Costa Rica vs Japan Prediction

FIFA 2022 Odds: Costa Rica vs Japan Prediction

Costa Rica vs Japan Prediction

When is Japan most Likely to score a goal? Japan is likely to score a goal in the first half against Costa Rica

When is Costa Rica most likely to score a goal? Costa Rica’ will struggle to score in this match.

Who is likely to score a goal for Japan? Minamino is likely to score for Japan.

Who is Likely to win the Match? Japan: 2 Costa Rica: 0

Statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the match may not necessarily replicate the recent performances

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will feature a match between Japan and Costa Rica at the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium. There was a disparity in the performances of both teams on Matchday 1.

Spain humiliated Costa Rica 7-0, landing Costa Rica’s biggest defeat ever against the Red-Hot Spanish team. Previously, Costa Rica has lost by three goals in three World Cups against Czechoslovakia (4-1), Brazil (5-2), and Ecuador (3-0).

Japan shocked title contenders and the four-time World Champion Germany to register their first win in the World Cup. The Nippon came from behind and scored two back-to-back goals in the last 15 minutes to leave Germany on the possible brink of Elimination.

Costa Rica vs Japan Prediction: Goal Analysis (World Cup Qualification: Last five matches)

  • Japan in World cup qualification has lost not lost only any match. Japan has won four and has not lost any game.
  • The total goal aggregate for the last five matches is 8:1 with Spain averaging 1.6 goals per match.
  • Three of Japan’s matches have resulted in two or more goals.
  • Japan conceded only one goal in the last five World Cup Qualification matches with one goal coming against Vietnam.
  • The average first goal for Japan has come in the first half, approximately between 30-40 minutes.

Costa Rica Goal Analysis (World Cup Qualification: Last five matches)

  • During the last five games, Costa Rica has not lost a single game. Overall, Costa Rica has won four out of the five games.
  • Costa Rica has struggled to score more than one goal in any of the matches in the last five games.
  • Germany
  • Costa Rica averaged 1 goal per match in the last five matches.
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Japan vs Costa Rica Prediction: Last game attack analysis

Japan turned the tables against Germany in the second half with its xG equalling 1.36. The all-attacking threat came from the Open Play. Japan played with a total xG of 1.44. Japan shot total 12 shots with four shots on target with 12 coming from inside the box.

Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica didnt take any Shots against Spain and played with a total xG of 0

Japan vs Costa Rica Prediction: Forward Statistics


World Cup Qualification

  • Minamino scored 10 goals in 15 matches, averaging 0.84 goals per 90 minutes and 1.6 shots per match, with a 51% shooting accuracy
  • In World Cup Qualification, Yuya Osaka scored the second most goals for Japan. In 11 matches, Osaka scored 10 goals at an average of 1.01 goals per game.

Japan: World Cup Goals (2022)

  • Ritsu Doan: 1
  • Takuma Asano: 1

Costa Rica:

  • In 11 games, Joel Cambell scored 2 goals with an average of 0.19 goals per 90 minutes and 1.5 shots per game at 25% accuracy.
  • Celso Borges also scored two goals. With a shooting accuracy of 31%, Borges scored two goals in 13 matches at 0.21 goals per match

Costa Rica: World Cup 2022 goals

  • 0

Costa Rica vs Japan Prediction: Defence Analysis


World Cup Qualification

Japan also dominated the World Cup qualifying process. In the 18 games, Japan only allowed 6 goals, averaging 0.33 goals per game. In terms of important metrics like interceptions and tackle success percentage, Japan performed particularly well.

Last World cup Match

Japan’s defence story was the tale of both halves against Germany. Japan in total made 6 interceptions, 6 blocks and 38 clearances. Japan was strong in the duels with Nippon winning 50% of its duels.

Costa Rica:

World Cup Qualification

Costa Rica conceded only eight goals in World Cup qualification and secured seven clean sheets. Rica was impressive on interceptions and clearances. Rica’s save percentage was one of the highest in the World Cup qualifiers with Navas averaging 73% saves per match.

Last World Cup Match

Costa Rica’s defence appeared toothless against Spain with a success rate of only 30% in every defensive metric. Costa Rica’s struggle outlined in the fact with a save rate of 12.5%.

Japan vs Costa Rica Head to Head

Japan and Costa Rica have played five games against each other. Japan has the wood over Costa Rica with four Victories with one draw.

Last Meeting: Japan defeated Costa Rica 3-0 in their last encounter.

Japan vs Costa Rica Head to Head: Highlights

  • The tie has seen 3.2 goals per match.
  • Japan has scored 2.6 goals per match or 13 of the 16 goals in the match.
  • Costa Rica has scored 0.6 goals or 3 goals of the 16 goals in the match.

FIFA 2022 Odds: Japan vs Costa Rica

JapanCosta Rica

Japan World Cup Squad

Goalkeepers: Shuichi Gonda, Daniel Schmidt, Eiji Kawashima.

Defenders: Miki Yamane, Hiroki Sakai, Maya Yoshida, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Shogo Taniguchi, Ko Itakura, Hiroki Ito, Yuto Nagatomo, Yuta Nakayama.

Midfielders: Wataru Endo, Hidemasa Morita, Ao Tanaka, Gaku Shibasaki, Kaoru Mitoma, Daichi Kamada, Ritsu Doan, Junya Ito, Takumi Minamino, Takefusa Kubo, Yuki Soma.

Forwards: Daizen Maeda, Takuma Asano, Ayase Ueda

Costa Rica

Goalkeepers: Esteban Alvarado, Keylor Navas, Patrick Sequeira 

Defenders: Juan Pablo Vargas, Keysher Fuller, Oscar Duarte, Bryan Oviedo, Francisco Calvo, Kendall Watson, Carlos Martinez, Rional Mattaritta Daniel Chacon

Midfielders: Celso Borges, Jewison Bennette, Bryan Ruiz, Anthony Hernandez, Douglas Lopez, Gerson Torres, Roan Wilson, Alvaro Zamora, Brandon Aguilera, Yeltsin Tejeda, Youstin Salas

Forwards: Anthony Contreras, Johan Venegas, Joel Campbell

Costa Rica vs Japan Prediction and Final Analysis

This game is expected to be a one-way contest after the two teams contrasting performances. Costa Rica’s poor performance doesn’t bode well for their upcoming game against Japan, which is flying after beating Germany with xG in line with their last five games and is a clear favorite.

Prediction: Japan: 2, Costa Rica: 0