Portugal vs Morocco Prediction: In-depth Analysis and Statistics

Portugal vs Morocco Prediction: In-depth Analysis and Statistics

Portugal vs Morocco Prediction

Morocco & Portugal [Goals]

  • Morocco is likely to score a goal in the second half against Portugal
  • Portugal is expected to score a goal in the second half.

Morocco & Portugal Prediction [Goals]

  • Ziyech is likely to score for Morocco.
  • Bruno Fernandes is likely to score for Portugal

Morocco vs Portugal Predicted Score Morocco: 1, Portugal:1 (Portugal to win on Penalties)

Statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the match may not necessarily replicate recent performances.

Morocco will face Portugal in the Quarter Finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup on Saturday at Al Thumama Stadium. Both sides achieved victory in Contrasting Styles in the round of 16.

After a scoreless draw on Tuesday, Morocco shocked Spain by defeating them in a penalty shootout to advance to the World Cup quarterfinals.

Spain had the most of the ball in the first half but was unable to get past a stubborn Moroccan defense.

Tuesday’s decisive 6-1 victory over Switzerland by Portugal, which saw Goncalo Ramos take the place of Cristiano Ronaldo, propelled Portugal into the World Cup quarterfinals.

Portugal vs Morocco Prediction: Goal Analysis

Morocco (Last 4 WC Games)

  • Three of Morocco’s last four games have ended in victories while Morocco drew against Croatia. The aggregate goal score is 4-1. Morocco did not concede a single goal in 3 of those 4 matches.
  • The average first goal was scored in the 47th minute while the average first goal was conceded in the 40th minute.
  • When extending the analysis to the last 10 matches including friendlies, Morocco has won 7 games. The last and only loss came against the USA on 2 June 2022. Since then Morocco has only conceded 2 goals.
  • Morocco’s defense has proven to be their most potent weapon and the Atlas Lion doesn’t concede more than one goal.


  • Portugal has been rampant at the World Cup with the Selecao not failing to score in a single game. Selecao has won 3 of the last 4 games and has a total goal aggregate of 12: 5.
  • The average first goal in these 4 matches was scored in the 57th minute while the average first goal was conceded in the 67th minute.
  • When extending the analysis to the last 10 matches including Friendlies, Portugal has won 7 and lost three matches.
  • Portugal has been a consistent side across ten matches including the Nations League. Selecao’s attack has pretty much stood out with Selecao scoring two or more goals in 6 of the last ten matches.
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Morocco vs Portugal Prediction: World Cup Attacking Stats

Morocco has averaged 1 goal per match in the World Cup so far. Their attack has failed to make any impact other than Belgium and Canada, where they scored 2 apiece. Morocco’s success is largely built on its defense. Morocco’s total xG for the last four matches is 1.2 expected goals per match. The Atlas Lions Shooting accuracy is also par at 40%.

Portugal has been rampant at attack, Selecao has scored 12 goals in the last four matches at 3 goals per match. Portugal has dominated in some of the key aspects of the attack. Selecao has averaged 10% more shots on target when compared to the average of the World cup and is fresh from the 6-1 drubbing of the very potent Swiss Side.

Portugal vs Morocco Prediction: Forward Statistics


  • Portugal has scored twelve goals in the World Cup so far with an average of 3.00 goals per match.
  • Guacado Ramos has signaled trouble for the other World Cup teams. Central Forward defeated Switzerland with three goals in one match. He had 100% shooting efficiency while playing.
  • The most dangerous player for Portugal has been Bruno Fernandes. With a shooting percentage of 42%, the attacking midfielder has scored 1.00 goals on average every 90 minutes.

World Cup Goals: Portugal (2022)

  • Ramos: 3
  • Bruno Fernandes: 2
  • Rafael Leao: 2


  • Morocco has averaged one goal per match in the World cup so far.
  • So far, Hakim Ziyech has only scored one goal. Ziyech played with an average of 1.3 critical passes per game and contributed to 1 goal as well.
  • So far, Youssef En-Nesyri has one goal. He prevailed in 58% of all duels and 61% of the aerial ones.
  • Up until this point, Sofyan Amrabat had an 89% passing accuracy rate. He also kept up a respectable 1.7 interceptions per game average.

Morocco Goals

  • Hakim Ziyech: 1
  • Romain Saiss: 1
  • Zakaria Aboukhlal: 1
  • Youssef En-Nesyri: 1

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Portugal vs Morocco Prediction: Defense

Morocco’s strength lies in its defense. The Atlas Lions have conceded only a goal in the World cup in spite of playing 400 minutes. Morocco has conceded 8.3 shots per match in the World cup so far with its defence averaging more than 7.00 average ratings. Morocco has won 70% of the Ground duels to go with a Tackle success of 72%.

The Portuguese have been defensive averaging more than 1.00 goals per match. The selecao concedes more than 9 shots per match and has weaker defense than Morocco.

Morocco vs Portugal H2H Statistics

There have been two matches between Morocco and Portugal. Each team has won one game.

Morocco vs Portugal Prediction: Some Key Stats and Analysis

  • Morocco Shots-per-Match: 7.5
  • Shooting accuracy and Shot on Target: 33% and 2.5
  • Portugal Shots conceded per match: 10.8
  • Portugal Shots conceded on Target: 3.50
  • Portugal’s goalkeeper save percentage is 64%, and the number of expected goals per match is in line with actual goals.

Morocco has played Belgium, Croatia, Spain and Canada. Belgium’s defence numbers are more similar to Portugal’s. Portugal concedes more shots than Morocco’s average numbers with more than 50% on target. Morocco might score 1 goal against them.

  • Portugal Shots-per-Match: 13.5
  • Shooting accuracy and Shot on Target: 40% and 5.7
  • Morocco Shots conceded per match: 7.62
  • Morocco Shots conceded on Target: 1.15
  • Morocco’s goalkeeper save percentage is 50%, and the number of expected goals per match is in line with actual goals.

Portugal averages 13.5 shots per match but Morocco’s defence has not conceded more than 7.62 shots and with only 1.15 shots on target.

If xG is any indication, Portugal might have 3 shots on targets in this match and is expected to score one goal.

Last Meeting: Portugal beat Morocco 1-0 in the last fixture in the World Cup.

Morocco vs Portugal Predicted Line up

Morocco Predicted Line up: Bono; Hakimi, Aguerd, Saiss, Mazraoui; Amrabat, Amallah, Ounahi; Ziyech, En-Nesyri, Boufal.

Portugal Predicted Line up: Costa; Dalot, Pepe, Dias, Guerreiro; Neves, Otavio; Silva, Fernandes, Felix; Ramos.

Portugal vs Morocco Prediction and Final Analysis

We predict a very tense 90 minutes between these two nations, and Portugal to win on penalties 1-1. Portugal has not failed to score in the last four matches at the World Cup while Morocco has conceded just one goal in the last four matches. Portugal’s class and the Variety of goal-scoring patterns can be an uphill task for Morocco who has usually defended excellently against the other teams. Portugal has been threatening on the open play as well as set pieces and can be a threat for Morocco but we also believe, Morocco will not concede more than one goal in this match. Portugal to win in a close game.

Portugal vs Morocco Score Prediction

CrowdwisdomLive: Our analysis based on tactics and statistics maintains Portugal has a slight edge over Morocco. Portugal’s scoring against strong defenses like Switzerland and Uruguay, the diversity of goal-scoring patterns, and Morocco’s over-reliance on defense.

Social Media

Portugal is overwhelming among the crowd with 90% predicting Portugal to win against rigid Atlas Lions. The crowd is predicting a 2-0 victory for Portugal whereas according to 10% crowd Morocco might beat Portugal 1: 0

Crowds Average: 2-0 to Portugal



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