Pikamoon Price Prediction: Will Pikamoon Reach $1?

Latest Pikamoon News

  • Pikamoon is currently in the third and final stage of its presale.
    • Currently 1 PIKA token is priced at $0.0006.
    • Pikamoon has raised $4,005,393 / $6,000,000 in the presale so far.
    • Total $PIKA sold so far: 11675654390 / 15000000000 $PIKA 
  • According to the tweet by Pikamoon, Pikamoon is set to launch official merchandise, and they plan to reward their ambassadors first.
  • Social Media Buzz: Trending Lower
  • Social Media Sentiments:
    • Last 7 days: +40.5%
    • Yesterday: +43.6%
    • Today: +14.8%

Launch Price: $0.0007

Are you Buying Pikamoon?

Total Buying Sentiments = Purchased% + Will Purchase%

  • June 25th: +87.8%
  • July 1st: +92.6%
  • Aug 30th: +70.0%
  • Sept 22nd: +85.4%
  • Sept 25th: +85.4%

Pikamoon Price Prediction: Is Pikamoon a Good Investment?

Pikamoon is creating a cutting-edge 3D metaverse that offers realistic visuals and immersive experiences. In this metaverse, players can build their own empires, collect unique characters, and use them in battles to climb the ranks. There are also opportunities to earn money by participating in activities like fighting for NFTs or completing missions for the virtual currency $PIKA.

The Pikamoon team has extensively studied successful GameFi projects and incorporated their best features into the Pikamoon ecosystem. They prioritize community engagement and strive for continuous growth and development of the $PIKA token.

Within the Pikaverse, there are four elemental types that dominate different regions. Players must navigate these dangerous lands to earn more $PIKA and upgrade their NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The core team behind Pikamoon is dedicated to building an advanced metaverse with an in-game marketplace for asset trading. They envision a future where $PIKA becomes the leading metaverse and GameFi cryptocurrency.

What is $PIKA and its utility?

$PIKA, also known as the Pikamoon token, is the currency used within the Pikaverse game. By earning these tokens, you can unlock rare NFTs, receive enticing rewards, and purchase one-of-a-kind items from the Pikamoon marketplace.

The Pikamoon marketplace operates using Pikamoon tokens as the sole currency for purchases. Whether it’s health, transportation, or jewelry, users need Pikamoon tokens to buy anything from the marketplace.

Interestingly, the marketplace employs a fair distribution system that benefits the Pikamoon project. Notably, when users spend tokens, 5% of them are permanently burned, increasing the token’s scarcity. Additionally, 65% of the tokens spent are allocated to the Play-2-Earn pool, which is distributed monthly as rewards for completing quests within the Pikaverse. The remaining 30% of tokens are dedicated to Pikamoon’s marketing and development, ensuring the project’s growth and scalability.

What does Pikamoon Offer?

  • Pikamoon is an RPG game focused on exploration, strategy, and combat.
  • The game has an offline campaign mode and an online multiplayer mode, with the current focus on the offline mode.
  • Players can explore the world of Dreva with their Pikamoon companion using a partner PFP or an official PFP NFT from Pikamoon.
  • Gameplay consists of exploration and turn-based battles. Players can uncover hidden areas, talk to NPCs, and purchase items while exploring Dreva. Battles involve using Pikamoon’s moves, evolving them through experience and items, and using items to aid in battle.
  • Players can battle NPC trainers to obtain Pika, the in-game currency used in the marketplace to buy assets like health, weapons, and transport.
  • The core gameplay loop involves exploration, battles, defeating Guardians, and challenging the Gods.
  • For new players, the initial missions gradually introduce them to the game mechanics through exploration and battles with increasing complexity.

Pikamoon Price Prediction: Coin Facts

Pikamoon Total Supply

Pikamoon has a total token supply of 50 billion PIKA.

Pikamoon’s Partnerships

Pikamoon has formed partnerships with Kevuru Games, Fujhine STD, Transak, Ethereum, MultiversX, and CryptoNews.com.

Pikamoon Transaction Tax

Pikamoon applies a modest 2.5% transaction tax on Sell orders and Transfers. There is no tax imposed when buying $PIKA. The purpose of this tax is to contribute to the growth of its metaverse and marketplace.

Out of the transaction tax:

  • 1% will be allocated to marketing efforts.
  • 1% will support the development of the ecosystem and provide rewards for play-to-earn (P2E) activities.
  • 0.5% will be permanently burned, reducing the overall supply of tokens.

Pikamoon Reddit Discussions: Is Pikamoon Coin Legit?

Pikamoon has passed Coinsult’s Know Your Customer (KYC) process, but its audit status remains unclear. In case of fraudulent activities, Coinsult vows to disclose the project owner’s identity and take legal action. However, Coinsult doesn’t accept responsibility if a project turns out to be a scam, rug-pull, or honeypot.

Is Pikamoon a Rugpull? In a recent Reddit discussion, users are engaging in a conversation about the legitimacy of Pikamoon.

Several users on a Reddit thread have raised doubts about the legitimacy of Pikamoon. One user shared their experience of being blocked from the Telegram group after questioning the validity of certain claims made by the project. They specifically mentioned concerns about the discrepancy between the claimed “in-game footage” and the actual drawings on the website. Another user mentioned requesting the main wallet address and being promptly booted from the Telegram group, indicating a lack of transparency.

Another user shared their cautious approach to new crypto investments, particularly with meme coins like Pikamoon. They highlighted the prevalence of pump-and-dump schemes and emphasized the need for skepticism and careful consideration before investing. Additionally, they noted instances of users being blocked from Telegram or Discord for asking pertinent questions about the project, which raised suspicions about the intentions and transparency of Pikamoon.

In conclusion, based on the comments and experiences shared on the Reddit thread, there are significant concerns and skepticism regarding the legitimacy of Pikamoon.

Pikamoon NFTs


  • Pikamoon NFTs serve as in-game companions for your PFP avatars.
  • They gain experience, levels, new abilities, and rewards through battles.
  • Total count of Pikamoon NFTs increased to 27,018, each with unique traits and abilities.
  • Owning these NFTs unlocks participation in play-to-earn (P2E) activities.

Elemental Diversity:

  • Pikamoon NFTs originate from six elemental regions of Dreva: Earth, Water, Fire, Electric, Air, and Rock.
  • They are categorized into four rarity tiers – Common (19,575), Rare (6,075), Epic (1,350), and Gods (18).

Collecting Strategy:

  • Collecting a variety of Pikamoon NFTs is crucial to prepare for Dreva’s diverse landscapes and creatures.
  • This strategy ensures adaptability and success in the game’s challenges.

Upgrades and Enhancements:

  • Pikamoon NFTs can be improved through buffs, upgrades, and gear.
  • These enhancements are obtainable by visiting the in-game Pikamoon marketplace.
  • Transactions are conducted using the game’s native $PIKA token.
  • Alternatively, players can battle formidable foes for these valuable upgrades.

Pikamoon Price Prediction: Will Pikamoon Reach $1?

Pikamoon needs to increase its value by 1,666 times (considering its launch price of $0.0006) to reach a price level of $1.

If Pikamoon experiences a growth rate of 25% each year, it would take approximately 33 years to reach that $1 mark. However, it’s important to note that the future price of Pikamoon w?ill also be influenced by its utility and usefulness in the upcoming years.

How to buy Pikamoon on Metamask

Pikamoon tokens can be bought from its official website during the pre-sale period. The following are the steps to Buy Pikamoon:

STEP 1: Users will need to have a web3 compatible wallet such as Metamask connected to their browser, or they can use other wallets supported by Wallet Connect.

  • To ensure a smooth process for participating in the presale, the Pikamoon team suggests using a desktop browser and Metamask.
  • For mobile devices, Trust Wallet is recommended for the smoothest user experience.

STEP 2: Users should click “Connect Wallet” and select the option they would like to invest with.

  • Users can buy Pikamoon with ETH by having ETH in their compatible wallet. If they don’t have ETH, they can top up their wallet by using the “Buy Crypto With Card” option and following the onscreen steps.
  • After having ETH in their wallet, users can swap their ETH for Pikamoon by entering the desired amount of $PIKA and clicking “Buy with ETH”.
  • The user’s chosen wallet provider will display the transaction for confirmation. Once the gas fee is paid, the transaction will be processed.

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