What are the best gaming stocks to get involved in?

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The video gaming market is one of the fastest-growing industries on the globe, with an estimated value of USD 195.65 billion in 2021. Each year, the industry has been expanding at an astonishing rate, thanks to its rapid uptake of the latest available technologies that are utilized to continually offer innovative products.

The success of the global gaming industry has attracted the eyes of many major financial investors as the both quality and innovation of the gaming industry continue to be revolutionized. Many of the classic games we know today, from poker tournaments to bingo, and even traditional board games have been reimagined in the online world, creating a product that both resembles the original game and is yet hard to recognize at the same time.

For those that want to get involved with the growth of the gaming industry, there is a wealth of gaming stocks to get involved in that could offer a very healthy turn-on investment. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the best gaming stocks to get involved in across 2023.

Electronic Arts (EA)

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EA is one of the best-known gaming providers across the globe, providing a wealth of titles, from FIFA to the Sims, as well as a popular streaming platform where members can pay a monthly fee to access exclusive titles without needing to purchase them. Their top genres of games include sports, action, strategy, simulation, arcade, role-playing, and adventure, which their gaming portfolio is continually expanding.

They also possess the licenses to games from hit movie titles, including Harry Potter, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, and many more. As they show promising growth for the next few years to come, this American gaming company is one to keep a watch of.


Nexon is a South Korean and Japanese video gaming publisher that has offices in the US, Taiwan, and Thailand. What keeps Nexon ahead of the curve is that they specialize in video games that are designed for both PC and mobile devices, which is key to staying successful in this day and age. The company currently maintains over 80 gaming titles in its portfolio, including Maple History as one of its most popular titles.

Nexon is also known for the global promotion of video games as they provide games from their portfolio in a variety of different languages for countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, the United States, Europe, and Brazil.

Cheetah Mobile

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Established in 2010, Cheetah Mobile is a Chinese app development company, based in Beijing, China. The company has developed some of the most popular apps worldwide, in which some of their most successful gaming titles include Piano Titles, Piano Titles 2, and Dancing Line. To date, they have more than 634 million active subscribers per month, indicating the success of their games.

As well as their popular gaming titles, Cheetah Mobile is part of a group of companies that are the second-largest internet security software provider in China. The company entered the stock market in 2014, selling an initial 13 million American depositary shares at US$14 per share, and thereby raised US$168 million. As the company continues to grow, investing in them makes for a promising return.

Nintendo Co. Ltd.

Nintendo is a multinational, Japanese-based electronics and video gaming company that has seen major success across the globe. Nintendo has developed and manufactured some of the most popular video gaming consoles to date, including the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Switch which combined the best of on-screen and portable gaming.

In addition to this, Nintendo owns some of the world’s best-known video gaming franchises, including Super Mario, Pokémon, and Zelda. According to analysts providing 12-month price forecasts for Nintendo Co Ltd, there is a median target of 41.84, with a high estimate of 55.05 and a low estimate of 21.31. A current stock purchase costs $10.68 US dollars.

Activision Blizzard Inc.

Activision Blizzard Inc. is one of the fastest-growing interactive entertainment companies on the globe. They distribute and develop video games for mobiles, personal computer devices, and consoles, as well as manage an esports league and online gaming service.

The company reported broad-based growth in the first quarter of 2023, with revenue increasing year-over-year across all operating units and geographies. Currently, Microsoft has offered to acquire Activision for $95 per share, however, a European regulator has vowed to block the deal if it was to go ahead.

Overall, investing in the gaming market is a promising move currently as the industry is one of the fastest-growing and most successful in the world. As one of the quickest industries to uptake the latest technologies, there is a lot of promise as to where the future lies in gaming development.