Will Shiba Inu Reach 1 Rupee?

Will Shiba Inu reach 1 Rupee? Shiba Inu can reach 1 Rupee only under one scenario, read on.

Shiba Inu is currently priced at 0.07 Paisa. Can Shiba Inu reach 1 Rupee?

Shiba Inu Price Performance, 12th May

  • Last 5 Days: -7.7%, Outperformer*
  • Last 30 Days: -22.6%, Underperformer
  • 6 Months: -12.3%, Underperformer
  • 1 Year: -20.9%, Underperformer

* Vs Floki Inu (Meme Tokens)

Will Shiba Inu reach 1 Cent

Will Shiba Inu reach 1 Rupee? Detailed Analysis

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To reach 1 Rupee, Shiba Inu will need to rise nearly 1000 times. Shiba Inu’s current Market Cap is Rs 59000 crores. At 1 Rupee, Shiba Inu’s Market Cap will be Rs 536 lakh crores. Reliance’s Market Cap is 15.8 lakh crores. If Shiba Inu rises at the rate of 50% every year, it would take it 17 years to reach 1 Rupee

Analyzing the above factors

  • In Theory, Shiba Inu can rise 1000 times. For example, Ethereum rose 1400 fold in the last 6 years. However, no token has risen 1000x when its market cap was Rs 59000 crores
  • At Rs 1, Shiba Inu’s Market Cap will be 34 times the Market Cap of Reliance Industries. An impossibility
  • Lastly, Shiba Inu can’t rise by 50% every year, even outstanding companies have failed to achieve that goal.

Considering all the above factors, it looks impossible for Shiba Inu to reach 1 Rupee. However, should 99% of Shiba Inu Tokens are burnt, Rs 1 could be closer to reality.

Latest Shiba Inu Social Media Sentiment

MetricLast 24 HoursTrend
Net Social Media Sentiment3Neutral

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